(story continued. Blogger sucks.)
So why did Jonathon break up with me?

I like to think that it is coz he is a weirdo.

Alright, it happened like this.

First, a little introduction. Jon is in tp. His project group members consist of guys and 2 malay girls. Gillian (actually I think I forgot the name) is an IRC friend of his, who is attached herself, yet msgs Jonathon every single day.

Her typical msg was like this: "I am having tuition now."

WTF! I was with Jonathon the whole day so I know he did not ask her what she is doing. She is mad. I hate her! This kinda msg tell her bf lar, tell my bf for fuck! Jonathon claims he doesn't like Gillian, but Gillian once liked Jonathon before. They dun talk on the phone, and have known each other for ard a year, and met up 2 times before.

That day Jonathon told me he was doing project with his group mates IN SCHOOL. SCHOOL LAB OPEN ON A SUNDAY! I actually was dense enough to believe that crap!

Okie we can start now.

It was a beautiful Sunday. Typically, I was at my grandfather's place. In fact, I was winning Mahjong with my aunties. Suddenly I received a msg from a mutual friend of Jonathon's and mine.

It read: "Hey, are u still together with Jonathon?"

Ominous foreboding. I replied yes and asked her why she asked.

She said, typically, "Nothing."

I told her to TELL ME!

She said she saw Jonathon at Orchard with this Chinese girl. I told her she must have mistaken lar, Jon in school doing project. She enlightened me that school is not open on Sundays. PLUS, she can't have mistaken him coz he even stopped to say hello to her.

I called Jonathon.

Me: "Where are u?"

Jon: "In school doing project with Brian they all, why?"

Me: "You sure u in school?"

Jon: "Yeah, why?" *trys to change topic* "Where are u?"

Me: "Ask Brian to come to the phone please?"

Jon: "He went toilet, why leh?"

Me: "I dun care, bring the phone to the toilet now. Or u can ask the other guys to come talk to me."

Jon: "Okie"

-I patiently wait for a ridiculous 10 minutes or so-

Jon: "Okie lar, I am not in school."

Me: "Who are u with?"

Jon: "Classmate Hui Juan."

Me: "What are u doing in Orchard with her?"

Jon: "Doing survey for our project lor..."

Me: "Yeah right ur group members only got malay girls. Where got Hui Juan inside?"

Jon: "This is another project!"

Me: "Why can't u tell me the truth when I asked?"

Jon: "Coz I scared u angry with me for going out with girls."

Me: "BULLSHIT! I am so unreasonable one meh? She is ur CLASSMATE leh!"

Jon: "Hiyah, how I know?''

Me: *My instincts tell me they are not doing project at all. Yeah perhaps Project Rendevous.* "Ask Hui Juan to come to the phone please."

Jon: "okie."

Hui Juan: "Hello?"

Me: "You are Hui Juan? Sorry, I would like to ask u a few questions coz I suspect that Jonathon is lying to me. I hope u can just help me clarify if I am mistaken okie?"

Hui Juan: "Yeah okie."

Me: "What course are u in?"

Phoney Hui Juan: "Tourism."

This one is easy enough.

Me: "What class are u in?"

Phoney Hui Juan: "erm... Gimme a minute, the phone's reception is bad, I can't hear what u said, can u repeat? Wait ah wait ah."

-I waited another ridiculous 10 minutes, and whats more appalling is that I actually HEARD, loud and clear, Jonathon shout out the answer to her as if it took him tremendous efforts to understand her sign language and when he did, he must announce the answer triumphantly. Jonathon is a dumb ass.-

Hui Juan announced that she is in 1T03 as if she too, is very proud to have passed my test.

I told her that I can hear Jonathon telling her the answer in the background. She replied weakly that no, that didn't happen.

So I asked her the module she is doing this project for. In actual fact I didn't know as well, so if she is smarter and just bombarded an answer confidently, I would have to believe it. For the moment only. Coz once I reach a computer I would go to TP's site to see if there is such a module, of course.

And if she is smarter she shld have took out her hp and via typing an sms ask Jonathon what this module is. But smart people do not date jerks like Jonathon (yes I was once dumb. My expectations are much higher now.), and smart people do not need tuitions.

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