The story of Narcissus
-As retold by Xiaxue and oso copied from some website

Narcissus was a greek shepherd youth of great pultchritude (What the *toot!* does this word mean?). His hair reflected the shine of the heavens and the skin dispelled a healthy glow. Dear Narcissus was beautiful, and vain as beautiful was he.

Narcissus was loved by nymphs of all sorts of elementals, but he doesnt possess the same interest for the the nymphs, as he felt that their beauty were all inferior to his own. It was unclear whether Narcissus was female or male, as the most beautiful beings were androgenous looking (author's self assume), and Narcissus was well admired by both the testosterone and estrogen holders alike.

Now it is very weird indeed that he had no interest in everyone, since he had never seen himself before. Forgive the boy-girl, he was only 16. In his mind, he knew that he was very beautiful indeed for everyone to lust after him so much.

If Narcissus was in our modern world, he would probably be playing Nintendo now and feel very pissed at the world since he looks gay and is teased by his classmates. He would then fail his O levels and proceed to be an Ah beng, most of which are Narcissic as well.

But he is not in our world so lets get back to our story.

One of the nymphs which Narcissus rejected was called Echo. Echo was very talkative indeed. She loved talking and this always gave her the benefit of the last word. Zeus the I-am-so-fucking-horny asked Echo to help distract his wife Hera with chat and song while he went off to chase other nymphs.

Hera found out and thundered to Echo:

"You shall forfeit the use of that tongue with which you have cheated me, except for that one purpose you are so fond of - reply. You shall still have the last word, but no power to speak first."

With that Echo's talent of speech was taken away from her. They told you it was lost. It wasn't. Nothing gets lost forever. Hera had buried it in the ground and 30 millions years later, it was found by Huifen as she dug ard her playground making sandcastles. She unknowingly sucked it all in.

Hui fen is the most talkative person I know.

Unfortunately Echo's talent, after 30 million years, have mutated into just plain yakking.

So Hui fen went ard yakking non-stop, traumatizing all the RVHS school kids. She talks so much, that I saw, at her place, a mug which her friends bought for her.

It says "I am talking and talking and I can't stop!"

I'm serious about the mug. She didnt really take the hint and at this moment I'm sure she is speaking, perhaps to a llama, since most humans might be busy eating lunch right now.

Hui fen is not the point. Lets get back to our story.

Echo, still not yet a spirit, saw Narcissus. As usual *yawns whats new?* she fell in love with him. She hid behind the bushes and irritated him by repeating the last words he says.

When she finally came out, Narcissus shook her off and told her she is no different from the other nymphs who kiss him and say they love him when they see him.

She was so sad she became a lone spirit. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, heard her cries and instead of slapping her awake and asking her to find other guys ("oh cmon he is just 16! What do u except him to do? Give up Pokemon for you!"), decided to punish Narcissus, no doubt causing a catastrophe we still have till this day.

Cupid, Aphrodite's son, conjured a nice looking pond for Narcissus.

Which makes us wonder where Narcissus got his water from all his 16 yrs. Drink pee?

Anyway, this part everyone knows. Narcissus saw his reflection in the pool and *yawns, whats new?* fell in love with himself.

He tries to reach out to the lovely soul in the waters, but his fingers caused a disruption in the soul's face. When he went away to find food, the lovely soul would go away too. So he stayed there, beside the pond. I wonder whether what he did when he needed to shit. But thats not the point.

So Narcissus died beside the pond.

They say his body was never found, and in place was a white flower (also called Narcissus flower) which drooped over the pond in disdain like Narcissus did.

They bluffed you. In place was actually a mushroom.

Thus the brand.

Nobody knew why Narcissus become a ridiculous looking mushroom. Maybe Cupid actually was shagging him in the bushes and put a mushroom there in his place to bluff everyone with a silly excuse for Narcissus' disappearance (he is in Cupid's cupboard). Afterall nobody accounted for how many arrows Cupid used a day. Whats one more for Narcissus (whom no doubt Cupid has fell in love with too)?

Alright lets assume Cupid, since he is blind (I forgot that little detail) did not fall in love with Narcissus. So Narcissus' spirit fell into the pond. It spread ard the waters.

It later become the place where Evian takes its mineral water from. How much of a Narcissus you are is dependent on how much Evian you drink. Even if u never drank Evian, possibly you parents did, so u are Narcissic too.

If you ever wondered why some couples look like each other, it is coz very much the whole world is Narcissic. The couple fell in love with themselves, only a different sex.

Whats my point in writing all these? Nothing much except an excuse to explain why I am Narcissic as well. I only like myself after make up and alot of photoshop though. And thats cause I am an artist and I like to beautify things.

Thats right, god gave me the talent of draftsmanship. Whether I am smart, funny or pretty can be all be argued. EK doesnt think I am smart. Of coz, coming out from an RJ student that is perfectly fine. Miss |adydeath possibly doesnt think I am funny. (read archives to understand). And then there is this "passerby" person who says I resemble a pig. (see the tagboard at the right of the screen) Since pigs are hardly pretty, I'm assuming he/she thinks that I look hideous.

Thats a pig on the left. And then thats me on the right. Wheres the resemblance? Ah... Hair colour you say. Perhaps a bit of the nose/stout. So enlightened! Hurray I look like a pig!

But my artistic flare is NOT TO BE DENIED! I had enough of ppl putting other ppl down. This is something I INSIST is good about me to the least.

I heard from Adryan that Butter (Adryan's friend) is currently earning an average of $700 for a random abstract painting he sells. Holy shit, thats good money! I intend to make use of my artistic talents as well!

Being the exhibitionist I am, I shall show you a sketch I did, which my real life friends have all seen already.

Jerry Yan (from F4) in pencil, A1 size. Wow okok stop vomiting about the F4 thingy already. I liked Jerry Yan for a short period of time coz he was Dream-guy material in Meteor Garden. Please note that the drawing is incomplete. It proves I lost interest in him pretty soon.

It was like this. I had to buy a board for my Advertising module to paste my advertisements on and after the project presentation, there was absolutely no use for the board, which costed me $3.90. I felt somewhat cheated so I used the back of the board to draw him lor.

Heres the original photo.

Anyone wants to buy it for their F4-loving gfs? Starting bid is $30. Email me. LOLz...

When I get my paycheck this month it is off to Popular for Easels, canvas and acrylic paints. $700 a painting, it is good money! Hmmm... I think I would just randomly splash paints as symbols of the emotions I get with everyday activities, and I will set up a blog especially for my paintings. Perhaps I would name it InTheArtistsMind.blogspot.com.

How many of you think it would be successful? Haha...

Anyway, yesterday I went out with XF, PY, and Ek to sun tan.

It was very saddening that I arrived at 430pm so there was not much sun left for me to tan with.

It was also very saddening that I managed to capture a pic of XF and PY in bikinis but it got deleted by XF, else I would happily share it with you all.

Anyway, after the swimming, an ex of mine asked to meet up with me.

He is Justin.

Justin is damn cute. OMG. At least I think so.

Not that he looks like me in any sense.

But itz just the spanish kinda look thats so sexy... The deep set piercing eyes, dark floppy hair, chiseled jawline... It all just melts me! I have no idea whats wrong with June coz she thinks he is not cute. Clara said Justin looks like a pervert. THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS! Jealous June and Crafty Clara!

Apparently Elite Models thought Justin was good enough for them.

What the *toot!* (I'm cutting down on vulgarities recently) is such a cutie doing as my ex? As mentioned, Cupid was blind.

I got to know Justin as he was one of the guests in a New Park Hotel wedding. My table was like far far away from his but i kept going past his table with the excuse of using the left door (he sat beside the left door) when the right door was just beside me. After several walkings he asked for my number.

This alone remains the proudest moment I had in my life (A super cute guy actually ASKING FOR MY NUMBER!). The second is my PSLE which is 269 (okok i shut up) and the third is an art competition I won first prize when I was pri 4.

As XF says, "Who in the right frame of mind would ask for your number when u have a silly bun on your hair?"

Very true. Complete with a tray of dirty dishes with a mashy mixture of fish and sharks fin, and a PURPLE uniform too.

Well after a few days Justin and I got together but he discovers he still likes his ex (yawns, whats new?! Cant men come up with a better excuse?) so we broke up. We still remained friends till today though. =)

Gals, stop looking at him lustily. He is attached. Guys, stop looking at him lustily. He is not gay.

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