I decided to post pictures!

Yesterday June and I went to Mango to try on some executive clothes.

Hows this? The thing I am holding is a lollipop.

I think I look like a slutty secretary. Who likes to bend over the table a littlllllle too much. Yucks. June meanwhile has the tall lean career woman look. Can't post her pics though, she said it looks ugly.

I like the top! It looks somewhat like the 2 fast 2 furious top that I like so much... But the bloody thing is $75, far far too expensive. Yes, the lollipop spoilt the picture and yes, thats June reflected in the mirror, taking my pic.

Aaron bought it V200 2 days after June did.

So I used it to take own pictures. Narcissic, yes. But who cares... I like it

Thats all. I'm sorry babes, but no more Jeremy photos. Help me think of an excuse to date him out man...

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