I just came back from Zouk and now my hair TOTALLY smells of cigarettes.

If I wash it, it will not have time to dry and allow me to tie my usual buns to sleep, so by tomorrow my hair will be HIDEOUS.

Yet, if I dun wash it, Jeremy might smell the cigarette smell on my hair tomorrow and might get so disgusted.

Feeling very torn, I did something very stupid. I half-washed my hair. This has the effect of not getting ridding of the cigarette smell, and also spoiling whatever curls there are already.

Wonderful. Just when I am meeting the guy of my dreams tomorrow.

Anyway, everyone at Zouk looked so cute. Ya know why? Because, like the Xelibre (I dunno how to spell) ad, everyone there had Jeremy's face. Imagine that. I cannot think of anything but him! Meanwhile, he doesnt seem to give a shit about me. Okie can't say that since he did msg me himself today.

For people who are confused about the God entry... Yeah well it is just a stupid story I suddenly thought of while shitting, so I wrote it down. Since my feeble attempt at fiction is so unfruitful and unliked, I guess I shall not continue the story to bore you guys.

Or perhaps I will, if someone tells me s/he wants me to. =)

Oh I'm quite sad I failed at writing fiction.

-No guy talked to me today except a freaking gay. Goodness knows why.-

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