I'm gonna blog this all out before I forget anything.

This is like totally the first time I am feeling this way.

Jeremy worked with me today again, and I like him so much, that if he asks me to marry him right away, I would proceed to the church straight. Afterall my veil and dress is already on me, waiting for this day to come.

I have never felt like that about a guy before.

The first time I saw him, I was like "Oh my god dream guy material." And he is in a black turtleneck with stupid sequins on too. It says alot. Didnt have this kinda strong feelings for even Eddy.

And then I spoke to him.

"You look gay!"

"Yeah man stupid sequins! I look damn gay lar!" He looked at me seriously. "But I'm not gay." He did not know that I sent a silent prayer to god for that statement.

"Haha, I had this classmate who turned gay right before my eyes." And then I told him all about Androgenous Aaron, who is a convenient gay topic. We both forgot that we are supposed to be rivals.

From then onwards, it is continual monkey faces to me as customers look at his phone and ask him stupid questions.

He really makes me laugh.

During our little conversations between sales speechs, I got realy infatuated with him. He is so cute, and so smart! And mature as well, for a change.

I got more and more miserable with the thought that someone else is shagging him.

During lunch break, I asked him if he had a pic of his gf in his phone.

He said, "Currently got no girlfriend."

"WHAT??! You said you have what." Please imagine my face was broken into a very wide smile and at the same time looked surprised. So freaking obvious right.

"When did I say that?"

"When I asked you, 'What does you gf think about you looking so gay', you said 'ok'!"

"Oh, I thought you talking about just friends!"

"Oh!". I broke into merry laughter.

He looked at me quizzically.

"Oh! I'm so glad you are not attached!", I burst out stupidly.

"Oh, why leh?" Coz I am so in love with you, idiot!

"Oh, erm, so that I dun need to be scared she angry when I msg you all these la..."

"Oh, haha..."

I was so glad to have the sudden shock that he is single, that I felt totally nauseous (nauseous with happiness, can you imagine?!) and stopped eating my Hokkien mee.

"I dun wanna eat liao. You know what, Jeremy? I was just thinking... After knowing you are two days, I think that you are generally flawless. That cannot be the case, coz god is fair. So admit it, are you dying of a deadly disease soon, or do you have a very short dick?"

He laughed, paused for a while, and finally pointed at his cigarette box. He said simply, "I smoke."

Thats like a silly crippled ant in a big mirage. In other words, he is still quite flawless.

=) =) =) =) =)

Today one customer came along. A family of four, consisting of a boy who looked 17, an elder sis, and parents. The boy walked over and I approached him. He listened while I rambled on with my sales talk.

He kept quiet while his parents grunted in agreement when I say yet another good feature.

Finally, when his parents said, "Not bad ah boy. How, u like it?"

Please say yes and I will help you pray that u get 9 A1s for your Os.

The boy turned to me and asked, "Erm, can this phone receive all those nokia picture messages?"

"You mean the ones with the brackets that form into bears and stuff?"


"Oh, I think it will be a little disrupted but can see la.. But nvm mah coz very soon everyone will be using colour phone where u can see a full screen lor."

The boy turned his mouth downwards and mumbled something.

"Huh?", I asked.

His mum said, "Oh, alot of his friends use nokia phones so this is very important to him."

"Oh but you see there are many other features mah."

"Nvm we will look around."

With that she whisked off her son (who seemingly had no opinion about any phone his parents buy him as look as it can see bear bear msgs), who presently got stopped by God Jeremy of course.

He showed the family a dimple (I thought I saw the mum smiling a little slyly, or is it my imagination?) and he gave them his phone. Presently, he was asked the same question as I was. Fortunately for him, he was eavesdropping on my sales speech so he knew the importance of bracket bear msgs.

He asked the boy to try to send a pic msg to the phone to see if it can receive properly.

While the family meddled with a bracket msg to forward, Jeremy looked over to me and groaned. We both found the particular criteria for choosing a phone very funny, and we burst out into a small laughter together. (friend of boy:"Wow your phone can WAP, MMS and can take picture!" Boy:"See my new forwarded cheesy msg? Cute ah?")

The bear msgs arrived.

And it was successful, bless the bracket bear.

Without further hesitation, the dad decided to buy a $528 camera phone with 65,000 colours for his son, when his son's only wish is to see cute bracket bears on the phone.

So they walked away to sit down at the Singtel counter to discuss the line to sign.

Jeremy stared at them for sometime while they sat there for quite long, still not buying the phone yet.

He turned to me, grimaced, and said dramatically, "Wah lau I tell you ah heng the bear bear turn out okie. If distorted ah, I tell you I will just *he did the finger cut throat action*."

"I see the bear?"

"Good night, cute cute, so cute....!"

Jeremy read out the silly bear msg in an act cute voice while I laughed heartily.

A few minutes later the family was still hesitating about the phone.

Jeremy turned to me and said, "Wah lau I cannot stand it already lar. Wait they come back, then tell me they want 2100 how?"

He pointed at the 2100 looking up at us innocently, when was below his shelf.

He looked at the family again, and got more nervous, and said, "Ah forget it la just buy the 2100 and save me the agony."

He proceeded to prance around while I laughed so much, I had to hide into the store room coz I looked like an idiot.

During the dinner break I pluckered up all my courage (and body temperature) to ask him to watch a movie with me after our work. And he agreed!

1.5 hours alone in the dark. Nothing happened of course.

I asked him if he is gonna get placed at Bugis again. He replied that it should be, and certainly he would hope that thats the case.

He mumbled a little about how he thinks the people here are nice, and then he looked at me shyly, smiled, and said, "And of course got you also la..."

I blushed a deep crimson (I didnt blush but I thought it is time for a cliche), heng Jeremy was looking determinedly straight ahead.

He made my day. And week. And century.

But I think I shall act a little hard to get from now on. Thats the way guys like it right? They dun like girls to do the chasing? Please gimme opinions!! I need male advice! Is 3 days not msging him sufficient? What should I do? Wait for him to msg me? But he is really shy... Urgh... I wish I could bloody control myself. Been smiling all the way from work to home and some ti co pek thought I smiled at him and sounded his horn loudly as I walked.

-I am so Jeremesmerised, I am dying soon.-

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