Today the most amazing thing happened. Of course, everyone of you will "chey!" when u all find out how silly the amazing thing is, but to me, it is still very amazing.

Remember in yesterday's entry I mentioned that when a guy comes, ALL the guys comes? It is so goddamn true.

I was rushing to work this afternoon, and was walking along Marina Square rather hurriedly.

In the meantime, I was sms-ing Jeremy.

Me: I think I know why you dun like me already. Its because u have venstraphobia. I think you should see a doctor.

Jem: Whats that!

Me: Its a phobia for beautiful women.

Jem: Ha, I was about to check the dictionary but my legs just won't listen.

Me: Huh, you are supposed to be a soccer player you know! I'm off to work already, come crash the wedding and I will serve you good food.

Jem: Banquet food sounds great but I'm going to Devil's bar tonight with my friends...

Me: Clubbing again? Good, more competition to show you how good I am. I hope some pimply teenager comes and molest u tonight.

Jem: Then I shall kick the teenager with my soccer legs. :-)

I was reading the last msg and smiling to myself, when I noticed irritably that there was someone walking behind me, about to catch up with me. I guess its a natural reaction, but my body told me to speed up so that the person would not overtake me and be faster than me.

I walked bigger strides thinking of a nice response to Jem's msg. Suddenly, the fellow said "hi!".

The problem with some people is their earpieces. It is permanently struck in their ears, and you will never know if they are talking to you, or talking to someone on the phone, or scolding you and pretending to be talking on the phone.

But the fellow was looking straight at me.

I made a gesture to point at myself to ask him if he was talking to me.

He nodded.

And instead of asking me whether I am interested to sign up for a credit card, he asked for my number.

Still convinced he is gonna ask me to sign up for a credit card, I asked, "For what?"

He trembled slightly and said he wanted to be friends.

Now I have a problem with superficial people. Be friends? Why choose to be friends with me? Why not be friends with the auntie sweeping the floor? She seems nice... Why not be friends with that balding man? Why me? Just because you think I look pleasant doesn't mean I will be a good friend to have.

On the other hand, he couldnt have said: "I just wanna try my luck and see if you can be my girlfriend, if not, I would like to fuck you." No. I wun have liked it if he said that either.

There is a very good reason these superficial people, including myself, can come up with.

Beauty is the only trait you can discover when you do not know a person. So when you ask for a good-looking person's number, at least the person would have fulfilled the looks criteria. Other criteria can wait till after you know the person. So its perfectly logical afterall.

But thats besides the point. He didn't look like he would appreciate (or understand) my preaching. PLUS, I am late, so I just gave him my sms number and left.

He is one of the most disgusting people I have seen.

His first sms was this:

What is your age?

I replied 19.

Got bf? Go clubbing?

Fucking desperado. I did not reply after that.

However, I thought to myself: Wow, this is like the 2nd time in a week a guy comes to ask for my number! If by tonight another person asks for my number, it means I am considered universally cute!

And so, the banquet went on smoothly. Today I was placed at the VIP table, and guess what my colleague stole for me!

So cute right! Its Daikin's Dinner and Dance tonight and everywhere there was Pichonkun (that blue cartoon), including a giant mascot.

I took a bath after work, effectively making me late for catching the transport bus home. The bus leaves at 1230, and by 1225, the queue for getting the pay is still damn long. I started to panic a little, and rushed out to look for my colleague to ask her to tell the bus driver to wait for me.

Please keep in mind that by the end of the banquet my face is damn oily and make-up ruined. I stole many pieces of chicken to eat so my tummy was hanging out.

And someone really stopped me to ask me for my number.

He is really quite pleasant looking, so I gave it to him.

It turns out that he is one of the guys doing up the lights and such. Just now during the banquet when I was stealing chicken to eat and stuffing myself like theres no chicken left tomorrow, he saw me. He actually saw me not only being greedy and oily, but also in a shapeless black uniform, FLAT SHOES, and a stupid bun complete with hairnet.

And yet he is interested to know me.

I am amazed. Are these all Jem's friends who are testing if my liking for Jem stands strong? Perhaps. But Jeremy isn't so bo liao.

Lets have a test to see what has changed this few days.

1) New hair colour.

Thats me with a very placid smile. I did the colour at Toni and Guy acadamy and it sucks. The only part with colour is the top, and the ends are TOTALLY BLACK. My hair is utimately gross now.

I think I shall complain about the Toni and Guy thingy.

The hair dye-ing costs $35 at max, so you can do whatever you want; dye it pink, highlight three colours, whatever.

Firstly, the fellow told me to reach at 3pm at Heeren. I cannot be wrong coz when she told me the details, I immediately wrote it down in my palmtop. At 2:30, I received a call asking me why I am late and when can I reach Toni and Guy. I said that I thought it is 3pm, but since I am already at Orchard, I reassured them I will reach soon.

When I arrived at Heeren, the fellow told me it is my mistake and I should have been at the Clarke Quay outlet. How frustrating. I demanded to talk to the girl who told me where to go in the first place, but she insisted she couldnt have told me the information wrong. Nonetheless, she is rather polite and asked me to go to Clarke Quay and told me the bus to take.

When I arrived at the correct place, it was already 3pm. Everyone has started except the Indonesian student who was to do my hair for me. I apologized for making her wait (although it is not my fault).

The teacher came along and rushed me into choosing colours. I told her any colour is fine with me as long as it does not look red, no hint of red at all. She said it can be done and sashayed off.

"What about my highlights?" I exclaimed. I want my $35 to be fully utilised.

"There is no time for your highlights, mam."

"What do you mean no time!"

"How about this, we will let you do it the next time you come here, say at Wed?"

After this the student started to dye my hair. When she was done, she put me under this warmer thingy thats supposed to make the hair go into the hair faster.

Now this warmer thing hovers above your crown, so perhaps it would warm a normal guy's hair completely.

For my case however, the ends of my long hair is very very far away from the warmer.

"Like that the warmer would not warm my ends leh, wait the colour will be different", I told the student.

She actually had the nerve to chew her lip a little and say, "oh yeah hor...". Very cleverly, she turned her heel and left after saying this sentence, and did not do anything about it.

When I was done, the roots had plenty of colour but the ends are suddenly totally black.

I demanded to see the teacher immediately, but she was busy.

So I told the student to blow my hair into curls for me please.

She looked at me and actually had the nerve to say, "No time.". I gave her a very angry look, and then she said that she did not know how to blow curls.

The teacher arrived and I blew my top.

"Firstly, I already told you I dun want red. Is that very difficult to achieve? Can you explain to me why it is this colour? And, what happened to my ends! Why is it black? How can the ends be darker than the roots when obviously when I came in the ends were already blondish? And what kind of staff do you have here? Why does she not even know how to blow hair into curls?"

I made a big fuss and I was rewarded with a FREE dye job. The teacher said I can come back on weds (which is today actually) for more professional students to highlight for me, and if I am pleased, then I pay.

Ah well. It seems that overall the hair job is still good because the hair colour seems to have attracted a lot of guys. Besides that, since my hair was blown straight, I met Jem with straight hair and he commented that it looks nicer. Wonderful. Now I am considering whether I should go for the highlights tomorrow.

2) I am in love.

I am a woman in love!

I'm very tired again! I shall go sleep now... I know the blogging is incomplete and stuff, but heck. Nights all!

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