Blogger is behaving like a spoilt kid again, my comments links are all gone, and i'm too busy too repair them. Maybe tml. After work at New Park Hotel. Gosh, I would be so tired, but I will blog coz I got lotsa stuff to write about.

Meanwhile, I would like to say that I bought my sony Clie already, and the best thing about it is that it can have acrobat reader in it, which means I can like read ebooks on my palm! I downloaded Anne Rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, an attempt of the famous vampire writer to write erotia.

AND ITS REALLY GOOD. Its sickeningly arousing. The story is a rather sick twist of the childhood tale "Sleeping beauty", and although the book started out as being totally sexual, you will realise that later on there are many other issues being discussed subtly (is that how to spell it?). Its wonderful what words can do that touch cannot. So please everyone, click on your kazaa link right now, and download the ebook, and have a tormented time reading it on your com for free. Except, make sure your mum ain't looking over your shoulder, or you wouldn't like the look on her face.

Meanwhile, I'm far too tired to blog. I will tml. =)

I love Jeremy.

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