The soft approach is the correct way to get to me. I don't go by threat.

When I was young and my mum forced me to bathe, I would go into the bathroom, spray some water here and there on the floor, but just plain refuse to bathe. Obstinate, yes. Thats me. Ask me nicely, and explain to me that it is time to bathe, and I will. Force me to, and no way I will listen.

So anyway, yes, I will delete her photo. I have requested for the forums to do that too, but whether they do or not is not within my powers.

To Sally: sorry for causing any inconvenience on your part, guess I was behaving too rashly. Whether Jeremy makes a bad choice, or a good one, its up to him to judge as it is his relationship; no one else's.

I still maintain that I can judge it if I want to though, coz afterall I wanna know who I lost to.

To everyone who is saying: "It is none of your business who Jeremy likes!", my response is this: "It is none of your business too whether I make who Jeremy likes my concern or not."

Gosh am I a vindictive bitch.

But I am trying to be nice. Really. =D

Ok ok I said I am sorry already. Its difficult. *bites lips*

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