I was reading July's archives.

Three entries down, and I think to myself:

I have grown so much.

Cheers. =) I no longer write the childish way I used to (to hate mail that is).

Heres a little preview for blog content tomorrow:

1) The KTV session.
2) How suay I was.
3) The suckiest movie in the world
4) Fucked up guy who drove me home.
5) Fire disaster at Cineleisure (complete with pictures, mind you, like the professional journalist I am)
6) One stupid fucker who sent me hate mail then pissed in his pants. (I will tell you why)
7) One more fucker who sent me hate mail (but actually added me as friend in friendster). Did I once reject his advances or something? *tsk tsk*
8) More, and more and more (self) picture galore!!!!!!!!!! Naked! *kidding*

Fucking gross day btw. I'll got to wake up for working tomorrow @ 545am, which means I am gonna sleep for 40 mins now. End work at 2pm, so I shall come home, take a good nap, and blog to my heart's content!

Newsflash: Somebody entered my site by typing spongebob squarepants + naked in google. SERIOUSLY. Necrophile is ridiculous enough, I can't believe we have a spongephile.

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