A Simple AND STUPID Life

We're all waiting for Paris Hilton to topple the entire Hilton empire if that's possible (because too much fucking/drugs/cigs caused her brains to fry up), but meanwhile, we all want to look at her, don't we?

Come on. That perfectly manicured head - golden body and shiny blonde hair ... Plus all the nice clothes, accessories, and ... dog. I can't have enough of Paris.

So anyway, in half an hour (10pm), we'll see Paris-the-slut and Nicole-the-slut on Channel 5's A Simple Life!!!

To give you interesting prelude, here's a pic of Nicole's BOOBS, and Paris', erm, pussy. God, why didn't she wear a panty? Isn't it very unhygenic? I hope she kanna PERIOD, then she can go and die if she can't find a tampon but only a pad. Ha ha ha ha! Courtesy of one great site, www.bookofjoe.com.

Alright. It's porn. So you kids keep out please! I was surfing awfulplasticsurgery.com and one thing lead to another la. But it's too juicy not to share right? *smiles*

I'm gonna get myself comfy to watch the show - I heard Paris doesn't know what a chequebook is. Dumb blonde!! Pass the ruffles, someone!

p/s: Lindsey Lohan is a slut.

She wore this outfit to church!!!!

See the cigerette? If she is my kid, I will really SLAP her. Wake her up. She is 17, and she is fucking (Aaron Carter I heard), smoking, and she already had her boobs done, and nose fixed.

Well on her way to celebrity whoredom. Hurray, we need more of those!

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