Then, and then Now.


Avid readers will recall how last Christmas I was heavily flamed in the dumbass forums Hardwarezone and Sammyboy or something.

My reaction? I cried. I did not understand why here I am, blogging my best and not harming anyone, and yet, some people are there saying I am a whore and laughing at my pictures.

In fact, I even decided to close down my site.

Today, with the Straits Times reporting about my website, there are more stupid/narrow-minded people than ever who read me, although the increase in traffic also includes many people who appreciate my site. (Note for self-assuming people: I did not say everyone who hates me is stupid, I said (some) stupid people hate me - it's different.)

The forum-idiots are flaming me worse than ever! Here's one example, though this one is really quite mild. Think they were being courteous. (Got more examples? Post the links up!)

But anyway, I just realised how different my reactions are 8 months from then.

I look at the mean words there, and I shrug and tell myself it's ok, for these guys are semi-retards who do not get fucked at all. They are also ugly, sad and remarkable people - with unremarkable intellect and leading an unremarkable life and have unremarkable kids who will grow up to be other unremarkable beings participating in forums no one gives a shit about except for unremarkable beings like themselves whom a task requiring slightly more than one brain cell would traumatize.

Therefore, they have lots of pent up angst in them and they have to release it.

The best way to release it will of course be to masturbate, but the results only last for 4 minutes (some of them come faster, say 1 min, because of the short length of the passage-way for the semen to travel to open space).

The alternate best way, would be to scold someone and hopefully make the person as miserable as you are, preferably in the internet world where you can be an anonymous coward.

The best person to scold would be precisely be all the people who will look down on stupid people like them.

Oops! That's me! I can understand why they dislike me: I'm confident (which means that I will NEVER go out with stupid people like them) and spirited and loud (they like quiet meek girls who agree with them).


One thing makes me feel quite pissed though. Who are these people to criticize me? It's ok for people like doctors to say I am stupid, but these worthless bengs? Isn't it funny how, after I managed to make it big with the blog they predicted will fail, that they are still harping on the same points?

To all the bengs:

I cannot write for nuts? HA! That's really funny. I work freelance for a national daily. I am working on a book project now. How about YOU who are criticizing me? Did you even pass your recent composition test?

I am a stupid bitch? I went into a good school which you will never manage get in (I'm talking about RV). I'm now having a job you will never get with YOUR intellect. I am definitely not stupid.

My blog is the worst blog ever? I have 4,000 readers now - and let's say a modest 2,000 of them love my blog and the others dislike it, but read it anyway. How many ardent readers does your blog have, if you even managed to set one up? Will you ever get the amount of readers I have?

I am fat and ugly like a pig? Ok, I know aesthetics has no standard rules and it's a matter of opinions, but saying I look like a pig IS stretching it a little too far. I know I am not ugly to the least. Eh ... but you? Sure, you say that even if I were given free to you you wouldn't want me ... YOU CLAIM. But are you sure you can even get a girl? How about also considering that someone like me will never like you too?

I've got no class? Certainly got more than the people who write such bullshit in stupid forums. =)

My blog is a disgrace to Singapore? Woohoo. So far, I've only received compliments from foreigners reading this blog, and no hate mail at all - so yeah ...

Copy this chunk to your forum if you want, and generate the same answers - "Never seen such an arrogant bitch hope she gets knock down by car" or "roll-eyes smiley X 2" and tell me why stupid people always all say the same things, will you?

p/s: No la, I'm not angry (you look disappointed at that)

p/p/s: No, readers of these forums may not be stupid people if they sieve the useful information outta the forums. But if you write like these retards ... ah well.

- Trying to win an argument with an irrational (stupid) person is like trying to teach a cat to snorkel by providing written instructions. No matter how clear your instructions, it wouldn't work. ~ Scott Adams -

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