Thanks to blogder Vivienne, I got notified that Miss Aina's blog is back - with some weak excuses.

For new readers, this saga happened some time back. What happened THEN was that I got notified of the existance of her blog and had a look at it. I was horrifed to find entire blog entries of mine LIFTED and put into her blog as her thoughts, and her writings. Plagiarism to its most shameless.

Not only were entries scarily similar to mine, I also found she took effort to mimic little things I say, copy my entire sidebar's contents (complete to the SELF-SPOOF and the entire contents of the spoof), and even had her FAQs in shocking similarity.

Her little tralala delivery was perfect to the extent that her blog's background was even the same as mine. Funny thing was how her FAQs claimed her HATES pink though.

Spot the obvious coincidence?After I wrote about her evil doings on my blog, my blogders, sensing injustice, promptly went over to her ... joke of a site - to spam her tagboard and well ... calling her some names which I thought might have been a little too harsh even for her repugnant crimes.

Ha! You should have seen how fast her tagboard moved.

So anyway, Miss Aina, sensing danger, fled. Fled into the safe realms of cyberspace.

She locked her site with a password.

Now, how long would it take a person to work back on years of entries and take out the ones screaming "DESPICABLE PLAGIARISM" and change the entire blog's outlook?

Miss Aina has proven to us it takes a month or so.

Welcome to the new, revamped, renewed, and therefore, original ... Aina's site!

(I highly suspect that some Tagalog entries might be mine as well. Well Aina, thanks but no thanks. If I want to have things translated, I would inform you.)

What makes me really, really angry is what she claimed:

Sunday, October 17th 2004

WHOA!!! 11:24 AM

WHAT???!!! The pink site's gone???
Yes my blogreaders.
Apparently the "orangey pink" background was bought by miss wendy. it belongs solely to her and anyone who uses that color shall be called shameless and a copycat.

*feigns terror*

Not that it should bother me anyway. She called me just like that a few weeks ago in her blog.

And her reasons for doing so is really personal. friend's grudge. that simple.
hello wendy. hello suzie.

as for the hate messages you've all thrown at me, i'll just rub it off my shoulders ala "wazzap??wazzap??"
it won't get you anywhere.
yes, you may have the satisfaction of calling me a bitch, loser, minah looking, (insert some hurtful words) et al.. but in the long run you guys will just get tired of doing it. i'm invincible and i cannot be put down easily.
if you believe wendy, then go to her site. there's no reason para magbabad kayo dito noh.

Unfair noh? the moment you posted something on the internet, and this is accdg to our IT supervisor, you cannot claim your work as your own. its now free and for everyone else. and so intellectual property is now equal to nada, zero, zilch.

i'll be blogging later abt anne's wedding. in the meantime, i'll go to wendy's site and rip off her entries.


*Frowns* I do not find the joke funny at all. Do you?

Since Aina wants attention so much, to the extent that will sacrifice integrity for it, I say, good for her. I've done her a favour by placing her words in my blog then! 15 miserable visitors (non-unique and therefore might even all be herself) yesterday and she claims "Everybody's reading it". HA HA HA.

What pisses me off the most in her unrepentant and self-righteous behaviour, like a bloody teenager saying she did no wrong when she stabbed someone in the chest coz the person broke her CD.

Miss Aina, plagiarism is a crime. It is not only infringing on copyright laws, there is also a deep moral wrong in doing it. You are claiming credit for someone else's work. Can you actually sleep with that on your conscience? Have your parents never told you it is wrong to steal?

I work on my blog everyday. It is my baby - my sweat, my pride, my joy. I spend hours on end writing for my readers and for myself. I do not like it at all, when someone rips off my work using a simple cut-and-paste in a matter of 2 seconds ... especially when I spend two whole hours writing it.

I am sure you understand, being a writer yourself (not much of one of course).

Do I not have the rights to be furious with you, when you copy some of my blog entries wholesale? Do you not concur that it is a shameless action?

All the name-calling done by my readers serve a purpose - to tell you that you have done a wrong. But you obstinately claim you do not feel a thing. I am shocked. How can one be oblivious to so many dire warnings regarding her flaw in character?

Let me tell you Aina ... No doubt you think that being mentally strong is a good thing, but it does not mean you should turn a deaf ear to criticism, right?

Enough of the lecturing, I highly doubt it can get pass her ...

hideous alice-band.

Two things to clarify though:


Never was, NEVER WOULD BE.

The "attack" (not so much an attack but some simple whining on my part) was not a "personal friend's grudge" like she claimed. I have never seen her in my life and the only Filipinos that I know are my maids Velle, Dindin, and one more, I forgot her name. It was not a simple grudge. She bloody copied my works. (and swiftly denied it)

2) "the moment you posted something on the internet, and this is accdg to our IT supervisor, you cannot claim your work as your own. its now free and for everyone else. and so intellectual property is now equal to nada, zero, zilch. "

-Her highness Aina the ignorant

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. There is no such thing that anything that is posted on the net is a free-for-all, ignoramus IT supervisor with a peapod for a head. My works belong to me. For more information, please refer to the Creatives Common link, Aina.

Well, I expected at least an apology from her. But well, all I got are more lies. Good lord, what did I do to deserve this?

I'd love to blog more tonight, but I am too angry.

p/s: She smartly disabled comments so if you wanna tell her something, her email is: ainabanina@gmail.com.

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