I Not Stupid! I "Intellegent"!

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Erm ...

I Am Very Hurt.


But... But ... Did someone just say I am stupid?

No, really ...

Am I really dumb?

I beg to differ.

To all those people who said I will never get into Mensa ... Well, screw you (Especially the very fugly NUS law kid who so determindedly predicted so. Who's the smartass now, huh?).

Uh uh! Unless you have taken the test and passed it, you cannot say "Big deal!", simply because it is quite a big deal to be have intellect at the top 2% of the general populace; if you have taken the test and "passed" it, well, I'm on par with you.

Jolly good Xmas present Mensa! Thanks! =)

Well well well. Top 2%? IQ 148 and above? This must be the biggest achievement in my life! The second biggest is that my PSLE is 269, and that's only top 3%! My gosh!

More hao lianing later, Eileen is coming over to my place. She said to stay over and watch DVDs but I know her. She doesn't really like my company. She is just hankering over my 1 litre bottle of Bailey's. Tsk tsk. Shall let it pass.

- My IQ is so staggeringly high, I startle myself sometimes.-

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