How V Day came and went

Blogging at 6.33am. Amazing. Apparently I went to my brother's room to sleep because of the aircon he on in view of the ridiculously hot weather, and I slept on the mattress below his bed. At 6am, when the loud alarm signalling school rang, I felt a dark ominous foreboding, completely with hungry vultures flying overhead.

Expectedly, he jumped off the bed in absurd violence and vigor - one foot landed on my foot, and the other on the same leg's calf bone. I tell you, it almost broke.

My mind kept flashing certain rude vulgarities I'd have loved to shout in his face, so I couldn't sleep again. And therefore, I am blogging.


Some of you asked me how the V day application went. One word to sum it all: Utter failure. Two words, my bad. Actually, amidst the series of penis shots and horrors of horrors: a boy playing counterstrike or something (he must be 14!) there was a pretty pleasant guy who looked quite promising. Fact that he has a nice car helped of course.

I decided to add him on MSN first before calling or meeting, because MSN is a good way to avoid people if you don't like them - whereas you can't do that in a call or meeting.

I am aware that he is possibly reading this feeling quite horrified, but hey dude - it's anonymous! I'm sorry, but it is too funny to let go, amidst mean.

This was how the conversation went:

Him: Do you even do anything besides blogging?

Me: ....


I HATE THAT QUESTION!! If there is one starter that can rub me off the wrong way, it is that question. So many reasons why it is wrong:

1) It is assuming that I don't have a life besides blogging - which is (very) rude.
2) Are you stupid, or stupid? I BLOG ABOUT WHAT I DO. What you do mean "do I do anything besides blogging?" If I don't do anything besides blogging, what can I blog about?
3) I don't like people asking me about my hobbies/interests. I reply to that question rudely even when it is asked by innocent internet websites. I know the query itself is innocuous, but I stated in a recent blog entry that I don't like it nonetheless. This fellow clearly doesn't read my blog - so scoot off if you can't be bothered to find out more about the girl you are going to have a freaking date with.

Back to the conversation.

I said, "Did you, even for a moment, assume that I only blog all day?!"

He said something along the lines of No, and asked what my interests are.

So I replied, "Intellectual banter."

And he said, "So...."

I was frowning at the screen at this point of time. What the hell is he trying to say?

I replied, "'So...' is definitely not considered intellectual banter!"

Him, "Yeah... But I was trying to find out your answer."

Me, "HUH?!"

Him, "You have not answered my question what!"

Me, "I did, I said I like intellectual banter!" And this is clearly not one.

He laughed and said he didn't realised. Eh. I think he didn't know what banter means.

After a few more minutes of antagonising conversation which felt more like teenage mIRC than anything else, I realised a mutual sense of humour was clearly lacking, and blocked him from the recesses of my MSN list forevermore. Bless me.

So anyway, in the end I went out with a male, but platonic, friend of mine, who bought me to a Japanese restaurant because all other places were full. Bah! I don't like Jap food. I don't eat raw things! And I don't like weird unnameable veggies (esp if they are sour/raw), garnishings (inclusive: parsley, onions, ginger, etc) and I don't like innards. Japanese food has them all, although, to it's credit, it is not as bad as Vietnamese food.

Let me go off on a tangent. I have no idea what that cliche means but it does sound cheam, doesn't it? As I was saying, no offence to you disgusting Vietnamese people, but boy does Vietnamese food taste like shit. On top on very NORMAL beef soup, they add lemon grass, which despite arguments that it tastes good with curry, IS A FREAKING GRASS! Its name clearly says it is a grass. We are not cows. Cows eat grass. We are eating cows. It is ironic and rude to the cow that you are eating it, and cooking it with its food. Savvy?

And besides the grass they randomly throw into bland street meals to attempt to turn it into gourmet specialities, they also generously sprinkle GROUNDED parsley into the food. I never knew the world had a severe shortage of parsley; surely most of the world's parsley plantations were in my damned bowl of beef noodles. Ratio of parsley to soup? 7:1

Now, surely not all people like parsley? A good 50% of people I know don't eat it (I insist it is meant for purely decorative/torture purposes).

THEN WHY GROUND IT? Cannot just put on whole big piece in, like Angmohs do, is it? People who like it eat it. People who don't, take it out effortlessly. The last time I paid like $15 for a normal bowl of beef noodles, I had to spend 20 minutes fishing out all the parsley drifting happily inside my food and occasionally suffer a small heart attack when I almost bit into a weird veggie (which is, no doubt, more grass).

Never again.

I HATE Vietnamese food. It reminds me of war and suffering (cheap ingredients that feel like they were plucked off a nearby forest) where people go a bit nutters so they try to poison others. Never again.

Back to the V day meal at the Jap restaurant.

My date convinced me to bite into a clitoris-like beige-coloured suspicious-looking fairly-enormous clam covered in honey mustard (isn't honey mustard angmoh?). I should have known that things that really look like genitals should not taste good, but he gave me a disgusted look that clearly showed he discriminated boring and unadventurous girls like me, so I popped the whole thing into my mouth.

IT WAS RAWWWwwwwwww!!!!!!

I almost died. Killed by a raw clam.

The rest of the set dinner was much better after that horrific start, inclusive of teriyaki duck (nice!), COOKED fish with cream sauce (love cream sauce!), mushroom soup (had ginger inside but threw into date's bowl), tuna sashimi (didn't touch it - date rampaged through it happily) and dessert. I think that's it.

Horror - $216 bucks for two people! And almost killed by that raw clam too! Damn, they should be paying me! Fear factor pays people, right? I ate a raw clam!

After this my friend had to go home to work! *cough nerd cough*

So yup! Photos!!

Every year's chu xi (day before New Year) means helping mommy to pow the Angpows and having a damn good excuse to stay up late! (Because staying up late is supposed to aid your parents live up to a ripe old age.)

I started my spring cleaning at 4pm and ended at 6 freaking AM. You wouldn't believe how dirty my room is. I actually siphoned a baby cockroach into the vacuum cleaner and it made me DAMN HAPPY! Grrr hate cockroaches. Very gleeful when I think of it having to walk through all that dust! It must be sneezing, ha ha... AND ALL MY DROPPED HAIR! Serve him right for being a cockroach.

Speaking of cockroaches, I saw a damn big one the other day, along a road. I was on the pavement beside that road, waiting for a cab. The cockroach was running along quite madly in frentic circles around 1 metre wide.

Presently a cab cruised along, and I was chanting and hoping it will crush the vermin, but thinking the chances are pretty low. To my shock, the tire, while I was still looking, actually rolled on top of the cockroach.

You know what is the most astonishing thing? The "POP" was VERY LOUD! Pop goes the cockroach! Really! I am so surprised that cockroaches can explode with such satisfying results. But it was gross la. The cockroach got rolled over by the second tire, although it was a soft crunching sound this time. POP!

The uncle said hello to me cheerfully! He doesn't know he is a murderer!

Where was I? Spring cleaning room.

Very clean now!

Table ... SO NEAT!

Shelf ... And yes I drew that Jerry Yan thingy when I was 17 I think. Or 18. Can't remember. I didn't finish it so it is rotting there at the corner. Tsk. But ... SO NEAT!

Having all my multitude of earrings all jumbled up in a mess, I came up with an ingenious way of handling them!

Nailed two thumbtacks into the wooden cupboard beside my dressing table and tied satin ribbons! Yay! Very convenient now. The stud earrings can't be put there though, so they are all in some other drawer.

June gave me to me from her Japan trip. It is supposed to be put outside Cloudy's house.

... -_-

Excuse me, but Cloudy is very far from being a meng quan (fierce dog).

Speaking of June, she and Clara are leaving for Australia for studies tomorrow. I am very sad but I shall shut up coz June wants to pretend like she is actually not going and avoid the issue. She doesn't even want us to go send her off coz she said it is very "saddening".


BAH! -_-

Don't go leh!

Sheesh. Happier things, happier things.

That's me with the cousins on my daddy's side. I tried to make the currypok-hair thing but failed miserably.

Closer look. My brother forever so chao bin one, dunno is it not enough angpow or what.

Me with grandparents and cousin. I love my gramps! Stayed with them when I was young.
Sheesh. Say only, never do. I shall - new year resolution - visit them more often! Horrible. NO FILIAL PIETY AT ALL.

Birdy and I went to Wanyi's place for visiting! Had pizza. We lost horrifically to her brother in mahjong, although never play money. Gosh. Oh yeah, I tried to blur the background in an attempt to make my camera look professional, but FAILED. Alas.

With Wanyi ... Caught her in mid-bite!

We forced Shuyin to model for the grape-juice-pretending-to-be-champagne, and put two oranges on her shoulders in tribute to their straightness.

Wah. Act chio!

Cheers, Gong xi fa cai!

I'm gonna try to sleep now. RAW CLAMmmms!!!

p/s: No insulting the poor intellectual banter guy. Only I can be mean. He was nice ok! Mean comments will be deleted.

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