Come meet me!!

Hello hello ladies, gentlemen and violentmen!

It is my pleasure to announce that the very deep NUS Political Science Society (website at http://www.PSSOC.org) is setting up a stall at a bazaar held at the Forum (which is near the central library co-op and the, erm, Grinning Gecko). Apparently they have approached Turodrique Fuad, who is founder and ahem, designer of LocalBrand, (for which I am ambassador of by the way), to sell his tees there!

HA! Good news doesn't end here ladies and gentlemen! The tees, usually sold at a ridiculously luxurious price of $25 (!), have been drastically reduced to a miniscule amount of $20 - which I heard, is not even enough to feed a duck-billed platypus for 16 days.

Hear hear! Mr Turodrique Fuad, eccentric-designer-cum-moral-vegetarian, has decided to extend this already absurb generosity by - gasp - lowering the price of his tees by another $5 to daring students who muster up enough courage to show proof of a C+ or BELOW on a recent test paper. The end result is of course very disappointed but pleased students with tee shirts so affordable, they wouldn't even know what hit them.

According to Mr Fuad, 32 (coincidentally my bust size), he thinks it is easy enough to reward the hardworking, but hey, let's give the kids a break. No doubt, yours truly thinks Mr Fuad might have gone through some personal trauma as a University student who scored below C+ all the time.

"WHAT HAS ALL THESE GOT TO DO WITH ME?!" you Xiaxue blogders exclaim with a frantic sort of malice. Well, the thing is that I WOULD BE THERE from 12pm to 2pm to, erm, meet whoever wants to see me without any form of photoshop! Ha!

I'd also sign the tees for you if you want me to. *blushes* (A bit paiseh to self-promote.)

Do come ok? Can buy me some food also I reckon, the timing so awkward. I don't eat parsley and Vietnamese.

Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2004
Time: 12pm to 2pm
Venue: Forum, NUS

See ya all! =)

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