Thank you!

I've started work people, so I'm really drop dead tired as I woke up at 545am yesterday. (NO, I'm not working as a fishmonger)

I'd continue blogging tomorrow, I promise! If I don't, may Cloudy get herpes!! Meanwhile, this cannot wait.


Thank you xie xie thank you!

Firstly, a giant hug to Buzz.blogger.com who have mentioned me. This is big, I swear. My site meter before they mentioned me and after the vabbit incident, was hovering around 6,500 unique visitors a day.


After Buzz, the visitors shot up to an average of 8,300 a freaking day can?! How cool is that?!

Help me, I am hyperventilating! MY USUAL VIEWERSHIP IS 3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE BLOGGER GUYS READ MY BLOG! If not regularly, at least once! Very honoured indeed. This is international! =)

Of course, at this point of time I should accredit Blogger for providing unlimited bandwidth for my site. YOU GUYS ROCK! Ok everyone go sign up with Blogger now.

Ahem. Back to less ass-licking stuff.

Mrbrown and Mr Miyagi went mad. Totally bonkers. They poked fun at me!!! Apparently famous US blogger Tony Pierce decided to feature my photo (anonymously and for no reason whatsoever) on his site and the itchy backside Mr Miyagi got extremely tickled by it.

This is the photo:

He and Mrbrown then proceeded to ...

take photos of themselves as a parody of mine and posted the scary photos on their sites.

I almost laughed my head off.

This sparked off a WHOLE TRUNKLOAD of bloggers all jumping in to join the fun, and everyone started to make twirly tongues and up-ward staring eyes.

To see all, click on either brownie, miyagi or here! Haha!

Turodrique (founder, LocalBrand) saw what happened, realised the tee I was wearing was LocalBrand's Blind, and squealed in excitement. He also skipped around a little. He decided to mark this historic meme moment by offering a 20% discount to whoever dares to show that silly face to his sales assistants, no doubt making them all go on strike in fear. Ha! Click here to find out how to do just that!

I can't stand it anymore. I need sleep. However, if you don't, and feel like joining in the fun, why not jump on the bohliao (nothing better to do) bandwagon?

Simple. Copy that look, snap it, and either
1) send the photo to flickr (address below),

2) post it on your blog (and proclaiming that you are too sexy for your blog) and let me or mrbrown know the link,

3) or to send it to my gmail at thegoddess@gmail.com.

I'd put all the pics up the next entry! Nothing too big ok, around 100x100 pixels would be perfect. If you don't know how to adjust the size, just send it over anyway!

To view those early birds, click here! This is so funny.

Alright, good night~!

(As a compensation for the wait for the IQ question answers, here's a nice photo.)


p/s: Stay tuned k, a lot to blog about for tomorrow. With loads of pictures. And a porno stickmen pic for the fourth IQ question.

Very tired XX

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