I am 21 now!

Yay so happy! It is my 21st birthday!

A big sincere thank you to everyone who have wished me Happy birthday, I really appreciate it! Hao kai xin! I am a big girl now!

I'm going over to my chalet soon, and to everyone else coming, here's how you go:

By Car

If you're coming from the north, take SLE/TPE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). *Go along Loyang Ave (it's quite a long and windy route) and turn left into Cranwell Road. Our chalets are sprouted along Cranwell, Gosport, Andover, Leuchars, Catterick, Netheravon, Halton, Sealand and Biggin Hill Roads. You can check out our map to see where your chalet is located and follow the routes laid out there.

If you're coming from the west, you can either take AYE/ECP or PIE to TPE/SLE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). The rest is similar to above directions.


By Train & Bus

Take the east bound train to Tampines MRT station. From there, you can take Bus 29. You can check our map to see where you should alight, depending on where your chalet is located.

For checking in, please come to the reception office along Netheravon Road.

The map here.

My chalet is the one marked NB, so if you are taking a bus, can stop outside the reception.


My chalet is at Aloha Changi, Netheravon Terrace A.
Reach at 630pm on 29th April (fri)(Or later if you have work, it is fine).
Theme: Pink! Anything pink!

I had a theme in mind actually, and I wanted to organise a "Two-piece clothing party", meaning you cannot enter the party wearing more than two pieces of clothing.

And if you wear a hat, you get a door gift.

I don't think everyone's game for that though, so let's make it such that everyone wears at least a piece of pink! Ok no pink then red also can. =) If you don't have either, you shall have to be the person doing the barbecue. Wahahaha!

For my friends who are coming, please RSVP by today (I have not invited everyone yet and I apologize to people who messaged me on my starhub as my phone is spoilt and I can't see it - but it is ok now).

Ok this is what is important: Blog readers, I am sorry I cannot let you guys into the chalet. I don't know the amount of people coming (I suspect a very little amount actually, Changi is so far), I don't know what intentions the eviler of you might have and all... =( I actually got hatemail for my birthday. How nice of some people hor? Weili shall be my bodyguard.

All I can do for you visitors is to, erm, provide a cup of drink and say thanks for coming, and that's about it. But do come if you want to, I have gone for a nice tan (everyone says I look nicer) and also highlighted my hair blonde! Haha... Pretty for turning 21!

Kelvin also suggests I make the famous people who will be there wear tags. Eileen (wee), Adrian, mrbrown and Mr Miyagi will have to agree to that coz it is my birthday, yay!!! Ping hui (Yes, we are actually real life friends, and shagging him as a lifetime goal was a private joke) said he might, though possibly not, go! So fun right?

I am so excited.

Shit, I've got no alcohol. Bring your own if you want to drink!

p/s: I said blog readers can come if you want to, but I cannot allow you guys to all stay lah, coz of safely reasons. =) Sorry if you guys misunderstood! But then again, what's the fun of coming if you don't gatecrash? So no, don't come ah! Cannot come!

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