Singapore Fashion Festival!


It was well-organised, the seats were enough, and the models were pretty professional looking!

First the Versace show. Compared to the Triumph show I thought the Versace one would be more dull and less glitterazi as it wasn't the final show, but I was wrong!

I went with my colleague and this is my seat! The second row where the arrow is pointing.

Just behind Kim Ng. =)

And guess who was supposed to sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME??

You wouldn't believe it. Fiona Xie! Ha! But of course, front row not atas enough, so she was seen later loitering upstairs at the gallery.

Glad for that.

Directly opposite were ...

Wong Li Lin (nice dress!), her husband Allan Wu, and Shawn Chen.

And then right in front of me were two extremely pretty socialites,

totally clad in Versace in honour of the event. Envious, I tell you. Girl behind looks like Shu Qi, so I didn't crop her away!

I was in some lucid green thing and terribly underdressed.

There were some other celebrities like Diana Ser, Beatrice Chia and Robin Leong, but no photos of them.

About the show ... Well I forgot to on my camera to the high resolution mode so the pictures are all quite sucky.

This model is pretty cute ...

And this outfit is more horrible than words can describe. What was Versace thinking? Oh I know ... Money? Cock.

And then the Triumph show (BTW sorry ah I am damn tired so not writing much) ...

Went with Adrian and Huifen! This time I wore a brown dress with boots and was overdressed. -_-

Adrian claims he is a celebrity so NO PHOTOS, PLEASE! NO PICTURES! NO COMMENTS!

Me and him again. Come to think of it the cap dak (don't) match the pink shirt, hor?

Mark Zee with Bernard Tang. Mr Zee and Rachel Lee are no longer together btw. And Bernard knows the whole wide world. Adrian said can play a game of "five degrees of Bernard Tang" - i.e. Saddam Hussien - George Bush - Lee Kwan Yew - Mah Bow Tan (Adrian's dad) - Bernard Tang. Wow! Hahaha!

Edmund Chen with his brother, who was looking damn forlorn for some queer reason. Erm? Half-naked girls in a minute? HELLO???!

Speaking of which, the most famous person at the event is Edmund Chen, followed by Patricia Mok, Rosalind Pho, Mark Zee and then possibly me, because everyone reads my blog!!! Tsk. I am so full of myself I surprise myself sometimes.

Girls from Ms SG Universe.

Show started with ...

her! Walking pass my prime front row seats! (damn good to be media I tell you. Damn good.)

Then up the stage ...


Seriously speaking, the girls did not look THAT good in real life, like we could see cellulite and all, but I have no idea why they turn out SO DAMN YUMMY ON CAMERA. I didn't do any photoshop at all. OMG.

Then it was DEVIL GIRLS!

I think the under part of the boob looks nicer than the top. =)

Then it is fun time!

That man with the video must be a damn happy man!

Topless girls started to come out ...

Then guys came out, only wearing satin cloths around their creamy golden waists. I wanna fuck them allllllllllll!!! *Claps hands over mouth.* DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD??

I have to gush about him. I have to! MAD MAD MAD. He came out from backstage, and started to boogie about, shaking his chest muscles (they were jittery!!) and inviting claps and cheers.

AND HE HAS PENIS VEINS! In case you didn't already know, I fucking love penis veins. Love them!!! It is so sexy how the veins lead down to the *ahem*, showing how blood is flowing down there and oh oh oh I just love penis veins!!



Hmmm... Baby Siberian Huskies. Huskie butt. Human Butt. Once you see the similarity somehow the model's butt loses its sex appeal, no?

End of the show ...


JON JOHNSON!! Cannot believe it! He is the winner of America top male model or something lah, and SUPER HOT CAN?!

And guess what?

WAH! Siao BOH?! He hugging me leh!

Ok no more Triumph photos already....

After that we went to Indochine for the after-party ...

Martin, Jonathan, Loon Yang and Adrian.

I didn't realise Jonathan was doing the sexy blogger pose until I was editng the picture, then I kept laughing and laughing. Ha! Dunno what Adrian looking at.... -_-

Outside a big fish tank with Rosalind this time.

Ok I am damn fucking tired. I am going to sleep now, good nights all!

p/s: going Bintan for next few days yeah?

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