Whether you have been a sour victim of one of his practical jokes, part of the audience that laughed with him, or are one of his lucky friends whom he has always been so loyal to, one thing is sure about Jing wei: He was never mediocre or forgettable.

Those who knew him best loved him for his honest opinions, his bright ideas, his funny and cynical view of the world, his cute smile that can light up any room and well, his floppy hair, among other things.

My classmate of sec 3 and 4 as well as a CCA mate (NCC), I remember Jingwei as being exceptionally streetwise. He was resourceful and quick-witted with a tinge of shrewdness - the exact makings of a good businessman - and one just knew he is the type who would be rich and successful later in life.

During NCC, the seniors would always make fun of him because he was, then, still rather chubby and short (which he totally isn't now - became lanky and more shuai), and I'd get paired up with him because well, I'm short too. And then we went into 3J, where, with some of the other more rebellious classmates, we'd all set out to traumatize teachers as well as make fun of other students.

He was part of the clique in school, but was never a really close personal friend. After school ended Jingwei still kept in close contact with Ghimz. I still see him when I meet Ghimz with the rest of the gang. Whenever there is a new year dinner, or a Xmas dinner, Jingwei will be there, he'd surely be there...

Last Christmas I scolded Jingwei.

I said, "Why didn't you approve the testimonial I wrote for you?!"

And Jingwei replied, "Don't want lah, it is so stupid!"

"It is not hor!" I retorted. "It is funny! 'Jing-le bells, Jing-le bells, Jing-le all the WEI!!' not funny meh? Somemore it is in time for Xmas ok!"

Our friends gave dry laughter and only Ghimz agreed it is slightly, only slightly, funny.

So Jingwei said alright, if I insist, he'd approve it if I write it again. (My first testimonial is here)

So I told him I can only write him next year, because Xmas is over now!

But even if I do, even if I write a fucking million times now, Jingwei cannot approve of it anymore.

Because he passed away April 09, 2005, at 2.40pm. He was only 20.

He, and some other classmates, were imitating the way our form teacher pouts.

If you ask me, I'm really shocked and lost. I have never expected anyone my age to pass away, and even if it happens, I've always expected it to be a friend's friend's relative or someone I don't really know.

I don't know what to do at the funeral, I don't know what do say to my sobbing friends to comfort them, because I am not that kinda age where friends pass away. I refuse to be. I am only 20! Jingwei is far too young to be taken away from us.


To those who haven't heard yet, anyone from NJC or RV who knew him, Goh Jingwei has left us forever. He had a tragic bike accident. If you know him and would like to know more, do email me.

Meanwhile, the rest of you guys take care ok, esp Xiao Yu, Ah dong (YOUR HEALTH PLEASE!!) and Ghimz...

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