Next time you burn me, I WILL BURN YOU BACK. Ten times.

Fucking burnt by a fucking cigarette today! It is the fucking 5th or 6th time I got burnt, and I HAD ENOUGH.


I hate smokers. (To my friends who smoke: Sorry, but I would like you a lot better if you don't) Normally I can still tolerate the smoke, although I don't like it, because it is killing me softly, and I cannot feel it.

BUT BEING BURNT IS TOO MUCH RIGHT? Why are smokers so selfish? Too bad for them if they die of cancer themselves, because they CHOSE it, but why make other people suffer for your choice too? AND FUCKING HOLD YOUR FUCKING CIGARETTE CAREFULLY OK?!

I know... Smokers will say, you have a choice of going away what... To where? Another smoking area? Everyone is smoking, and nobody is going to stop, because they know that second-hand smoke is even more lethal. Why stop, when if you stop, you get worse consequences? Good! Perfect! Let the non-smokers die lor, coz of your selfishness! Let the world get polluted!

Babies! Let's all smoke in front of babies! If you don't subject children or babies to your smoke, why subject your friends? They too have lungs you know.

Today I got burnt by a friend's friend. It was an accident, and she apologized profusely.

But I cannot forgive her. I just can't find that sort of generosity within myself, try as I might. Why?

It is my skin she hurt! Thank goodness I wasn't burnt long enough for me to get a scar, but I cannot, I JUST CANNOT, accept being BURNT (BURNT OK! Fire! VERY high temperatures!) for something which pleasures someone else!

I mean, if you burn me because I was naughty, fine. If you burn me because I am ugly, fine.

BUT YOU BURN ME FOR FUCK, I'M JUST STANDING THERE! If a stranger just burns you like that, you tell me you wouldn't get angry?

My friend told me, while I was still raving 20 minutes later, that since it is an accident, I should let it go.

Excuse me, but which part of it was an accident? (Clue: None)

I cannot accept that smokers who burn others can get away with it, just because it is supposedly "an accident". And what do they do? They smoke again! And burn more people, and knowingly so! Accident? I DON'T THINK SO.

If someone walks drunkenly into Zouk, holding an operating chainsaw, and accidentally cuts off your limb, is it ok?



It is the same what! When I told Peter the analogy, he said, "But you can see the chainsaw, you can hear the chainsaw, then you should MOVE AWAY."

RUBBISH! What if I came first? What if I purposely chose a spot where there are no chainsaw-carrying-people, then this fella comes along? WHY SHOULD I BE THE ONE TO MOVE? He can dance with the chainsaw, but he jolly well make sure he doesn't hurt anyone! That's HIS responsibility, not mine!

If he burns me, why should he get away scot-free? Let me burn him back and see how he likes it, the selfish fucker. Goodness knows how many people he has burnt just because he wants that few moments of "high" the cigarette gives him. Epitome of selfishness, this is.

And what if I cannot hear nor see the chainsaw? How?

Being drunk? Don't even start making that lame, filmsy excuse. It is not my fucking fault you are drunk, why should I get burnt?

You know you cannot hold your cigarette properly if you are tipsy, then don't smoke when tipsy. If you know you cannot control yourself and will definitely smoke when you get high from alcohol, then DON'T EVEN DRINK, or don't bring your cigarettes. Drinking is NO EXCUSE.

It is utterly the smokers' faults, there is no other way to argue this.

I really hate being burnt by cigarettes. Fuckanathan. Read the title again, smokers.

p/s: I am doing away with the comments. Bloody stupid people spamming and writing rubbish accusations at me, which I find... beneath me to reply. Why bother arguing with retards? But yet if I leave them there, it seems like I am admitting to the crimes.

Sorry my mature, thinking readers, which the majority of you are. Trolls, trolls, trolls. What to do? Because of them, I shall do away with the comments link again. Sigh, I do like to read funny, interesting comments about the blog entries, but that privilege is being abused. And by the way, I'm not hurting anyone here, because the person who burnt me, for once!, does not know who I am. =)

Good day! I'm having one! Eileen (Wee)'s meeting me, and I'm going to Ivan's chalet, then Weili's place to thon with Birdy! Yay!

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