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Hate mail! I think the most hilarious thing about hatemails is how people distort what I said, and then get themselves so upset over a certain 'opinion of mine', which is not even my actual opinion but an assumption of their own. So angry over nothing!

And people who send hatemails are really damn funny!! Some are incoherent, and some are from people who are just a bit off psychologically. Normal people don't hate bloggers with a vengence like that.

I remember an ex-boyfriend of mine, whom I think I wrote about before. I really can't remember whether I did... Think I didn't...

So anyway, he is a bit siao. He loves all creatures on Earth, including insects. WHO THE HELL LOVES ANTS? He'd scold me for smacking an ant to death. I don't know how he handles mosquitoes.

By the way I was with him coz he was handsome and I was like, 15?, and the most important thing is to be seen with a handsome boyfriend!

So yeah. Among other siao things that he does, he would bring me to the cemetary at like 2am.

"Siao ah, go cemetary for what?!" I'd ask indignance.

"For a moonlit stroll! It is very beautiful and very quiet there. Unlike..." He'd make an angry face, "Singapore in the day time. Full of selfish and horrible people. I prefer the dead."

I shrugged, asked him if I needed to pay for cab fare, and when he said no, I agreed to hop along.

I remember being extremely terrified while we walked hand in hand along the tombs, all shining silver beneath the moonlight.

[As I write this, I suddenly recollect a story on Fact Or Fiction (and it is fact) where a group of teens where playing Stab the Tomb. This girl was dared to stab a tomb and she did. She then felt someone tugging her and refusing to let go! Pull as she might, she couldn't go away, and eventually died of fright. The next day it was discovered that she accidentally stabbed her own skirt. Eerie ah? I hate freaky coincidences, it is almost like some morbid higher power meant for it to happen.]

It was actually quite romantic, thinking back about it, me feeling very secure in his tight arms as I know if anything happens he will protect me. (To his credit he is not that sort who will run away) Not that he can protect me from ghosts lah, but at that age everything seems romantic.

As we walked along the tombs, he suddenly pointed out to one and announced, "Wendy, meet my god-sister."

I went, "Omg, how old is she?".

When he replied "17", I gasped and said, "Oh dear, why did she pass away so young?" He said he didn't know. HOW CAN HE NOT KNOW?!

After a lot of questioning, he said that the 'god-sis' was found as he has explored the whole cemetary a lot of times, he saw the young age on the tomb, and he self-dubbed her as his god-sister. -_-

I am so traumatized.

I asked him, "How do you know she will agree to be your god-sister leh? You are very buay paiseh one leh!"

He whispered (in the cemetary mind you), "I just know."

I sneered at him and mocked, "Yeah, so you got meet her before?"

And he said, "Yes, twice."

I had a fleeting image of the dead 17 yr old girl hovering behind my head and I immediately wailed and insisted on going home.

Now, I think back and I think he is just bullshitting. I mean come on... How can you believe the words of someone who sincerely thinks he is an alien?

Later on in the relationship I realised what made him a little crazy. Whenever he was naughty, his father would strip him naked and sit him on the common corridor, where the neighbours will all walk pass him!

I mean, how terrible can that be for a mere child?! It is so perverse!

So anyway, my point is... My ex is totally the kind of person what will get very worked up over a website. And he is psychologically unsound.

So now, everytime I receive hatemail, or malicious comments, I tell myself these people possibly got sodomised by an uncle at a young age, so I must find the grace within myself to forgive them. Even if they call me a cunt.

But how can someone be a cunt? A cunt is an empty space! A rather squishy, soft warm space yes, but a space nonetheless!

Just like an asshole... You can be an ass but you can't be an asshole! It is immaterial.

So yup, I've thought of some fool-proof responses to hatemail I cannot be bothered to reply:


Like this:

It is super annoying right?! I think I am brilliant.


Xiaxue you are the worst blogger I've ever seen! You are ugly, mean, and worst of all smelly! I hope you get some STD AND DIE, BITCH, DIE!

2) Thank you for your comment. I will remember it and try to be a better person.


3) Yeah, I totally agree with you!

How cool is that? Oopsy daisy, I realised I wrote something very long ago on how to respond to hatemail. I think the previous methods are a little better, actually. It is more annoying!

Speaking of hatemail... Maybe I am actually quite lucky. People attack my looks, my intellect, my writing, but MOST of these people don't scrutinise my blog, find my weak points, and then attack me when I am at my lowest.

Something about these horrible, horrible people gets to my nerves so much.

What do I mean? This is what Kenny received on his post about Father's Day:

IP Address:
Name: jenne

Too fucking bad. Your dad died. Big fucking deal. I bet he committed suicide knowing he spawned a retard of a son.


I AM SO ANGRY! I got so angry that I almost cried can! How, how can people say such utterly irresponsible and mean things online, and get away with it just because they are anonymous?!

Cowardly, disgusting, low behaviour! How ugly is the human race? To attack others when they are weak and low is just below the belt. If you are reading this Jenne, there is something very wrong with you, and you ought to do some reflection. What did Kenny do to you? Nothing. Even if you don't find him funny, or you think his post is not in any way relevant to you, you don't have to say such a horrible thing!

And he is such a kind, good person!

As if he is not already in grief. Oh my GOD I AM SO ANGRY. I want to hurt her back for hurting my friend like that, but I cannot. If I ever get to know who she is.... Anyone here from the internet subcribers? Check out her i.p. and tell us who she is!

Cowards, that's what these detractors are. I have innumerous threats from men saying that if they see me, they will spit on me, or impale me with their incredibly flaccid and short penises.

-snort- I laugh out loud. What a joke!

Fuck me hard? Yeah right! These loser Singaporean males are all WIMPS. Nobody even had the courage to tell me they dislike me in my face before, I'd LOVE to see someone try to spit on me. Go on, do it! Do it in my face if you dare to show yourself, coward. I'd take a photo of you and put it right up here. Faggots!

mrbrown also told me someone once wrote a hatemail to him, jeering at little Faith's condition. She is such a sweet child, and yet people can do such things. I am really appalled beyond words.

And as for me... My worst hatemail was someone going into details about how my father must be very ashamed of me as a daughter, and well, that's why my family is like that.... Bah!

And you wonder why I don't put up highly personal posts anymore. Well, because there are actually such mean-spirited people around.

I despise you all, you cowardly detractors.

We bloggers bare ourselves and we face the world with honesty, unlike you, hiding behind an anonymous nick. If you want to fight, fight like a real man and come out into the open, unlike the sneaky rat you are. Go back to the drain where you belong and may you never surface again.

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