Blind dates on Class 95

YAZ (the DJ) IS SO CUTE! I am so totally in love with her; it has been such a long time since I last spoke to a funny girl! Maybe tmr I will sabo her by facing the webcam towards her, hehe...

Meanwhile, did you hear me on radio last night? It was very fun! I like all 3 guys, and I am frankly in a dilemma as to who to eliminate.

Suitor 1 a policeman, suitor 2 a student who is going to Stamford Stanford to get his masters soon, and suitor 3 is a designer! (IF I AM NOT WRONG)[So paiseh, I spelt Stanford wrongly, now I totally sound like a fucking bimbo!]

All of them sound cute!

I have to go back to the show again tomorrow night, at 10pm. I also have to think of a set of questions to ask them... Like, if you and me drop into the sea who will your mother save ... that kinda questions lah!

I think I came up with lousy questions! I asked the policeman if a motorcyclist gets decapitated who will dig his head out of the helmet and the policeman (his name is Sam!) said it is the undertaker. Cheh! I always thought it was the brave policemen!

So, help me think of questions ok? Must!!

How do I sound? Stop saying I sound demure lah! I am demure what, cheh.

p/s: I feel weird that guys are serenading me with songs on air, and actually saying I am cute and all... I think the last time that happened was before I started the blog, in secondary school. After writing here for so long, I get so accustomed to reading bad stuff like xiaxue is fat/stupid/flaccid etc, and I have already forgotten that there are bound to be guys who find me ... well, desirable.

That's quite saddening, isn't it?

And afterall, I am the buddy-buddy kinda girl, and not the shu nu sort. I constantly fish for compliments (in a joking manner), and as Yaz agrees, when I really get them, I squirm in my seat and blush rather a lot (also smiling lah of course). I am in a loss for words, and I cannot even have a witty comeback. I am reduced to become one of those flighty nitwits girls I've always disliked.

I suppose, to a certain extent, these guys have brought up the venerable, need-to-be-loved me that has been dormant for so long while I stubbornly put up this strong, egoisitic front to face detractors --- and that is a really nice change, once in a while.

I have really forgotten how it's like to be in love. Not the sort where I have crazy crush over a cute guy. Not the sort where there is only lust. The sort where the guy will actually be there for you when you are down, supportive and sweet, and well, the hollow in his shoulder is just the right fit for your head to snuggle in. =)

SO MUSHY AH! Now think of questions for me to ask!

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