I am going to KL in a few hours!

Shuyin is here at my place coz we are leaving for the coach waiting place at Lakeside at 745am! Well since she stays at Whampoa (where the hell is that?!) she might as well thon here and set off with me since lakeside is a damn lot closer to Jurong East than WHAM-freaking-POA!

Wham! Poa! WHAMP! OA!


She patched things up with Idris, so I expect, since I will be staying in the same room as them, the hotel bed will be a bit shaky at night. I might just video cam them and show you guys, whoopee!

We are going on this trip with another 2 of Idris' campmates, one of which is bringing his girlfriend along. I hope she likes shopping too! =)

The trip is courtesy of Idris' friend called V, whose dad has some major connections to the chain of Crown Prince Hotels, that's why we are having our accommodations free!

*contented smile* And that's why they say, in life, it is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know... I am very glad I am close to Shuyin (who is indebted to me since 1. I just cut her fringe for her and she looks fab 2. I also brought on a sponsored trip to Bintan), whom is loved by Idris, whom Mr Crown Prince is a close friend of despite him (Idris) having a jealousable 19cm schlong.


I am so excited! I am going there to buy cheong branded bags whahaha! And lots of clothes, and espadrilles if any...

I'll take lots of pictures.

Love ya all!

Meanwhile, here's a car Shuyin and I saw outside some hotel:

At first glance it just looks like a normal Porsche.

With handsome red leather upholstery. (Yes I know my reflection, carrying a Forever 21 plastic bag, can be clearly seen but please ignore that)


Super amazing, I've never seen a more atas cashcash holder! I thought they only came in black, but I'm now convinced money can buy anything. =)

Daddy gave me $360 in ringgit so I am quite rich after I add some money of my own! I deserve the break, because I've been so busy bumming... Awww...

A good day to you sirs and mdms! Off I go! Maybe I go scare Shuyin after she comes out of bathing...

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