I don't even want to talk about it.

You, and a bunch of friends, tell me that there are 18 planets altogether. You say you have proof that there are indeed 18, and when I tell you current scientific evidence points otherwise, you say that I have not studied the subject deep enough. "Did you even read the damn thick and cheam science book?" you ask.

My answer is no.

You ask me to join the official 18-planets-believers club. To join and be a member, I must go to your house everyday to gaze at the "planets" with your bunch of friends.

I am to call myself a 18-er.

I said I won't, because I don't really believe you. You try to show me, by reading me physics notes, and maybe, even positioning the telescope. Are those planets? Or are those normal stars? I don't know, and frankly speaking - I AM JUST NOT FUCKING INTERESTED.

Again and again your friends try to badger me to listen to them explain about the planets (reading physics notes and telescoping again), and be an 18-er.

Wow, you have 50 people joining, and so many cannot be wrong.

When one day, you ask me to listen to you talk about the 18 planets again, I am so agitated, that I said I have listened enough, and if you don't mind, I just will not join the club.

In fact, unless you tell me for sure that those are not mere stars, I don't even have enough belief in the 18 planets to confidently announce I join the club, and put my heart and soul into going to your house everyday to gaze.

When I reject or disagree with your views, you say I am close-minded.

My friend, please do not get angry with me. It is not because your opinion counts for less than those in your club, nor did I mean to be obstinate.

True, I am indeed rejecting to listen, but that is because WHETHER OR NOT THERE ARE 18 PLANETS MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO ME, plus I am sick of hearing about the 18 planets.

I don't give a shit about them, and I am not interested to waste my time arguing and defending my opinions.

I know that finding these 18 planets are very important to you, but you must understand that it is not important or significant to me at all.

Yes, maybe they exist. Who knows for sure, right? But if you ask me to bet my life on whether there are indeed 18 planets, I'll probably say no.

Even if they do, I don't believe I have to do anything about them being there. They do not affect my life - I have enough proof of that, for I have been living 21 years under disbelief/ignorance, and I am fine.

As for the club - I do not like your friends, nor do I believe the planets must be gazed at daily. And because being an 18-er means not only believing your word that there are 18 planets. Because being an 18-er also means I am part of a planet-gazing commodity, where there are certain rules I have to adhere to.

So pardon me, if I do not join your club.

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