Since I cannot become Skinny...

I shall just try to make everyone fat instead! =D

Chocolates! That is me buying chocolates for my dates during the second meeting for Class 95's Blind Dates!

Lindt is still my favourite brand for chocolates so far, but they are so expensive! ANYONE FROM LINDT HERE?? CAN GIMME FREE?? I help you advertise you know!!

Sigh, very nice. But hor, I no money, so I bought Calbury chocolate-coated raisins instead, which are very nice too.

In the studio with Dj Yasminne and the two contestants Sam (left) and James (right). Guess who won?

Cruz from 93.3FM, whom I got to know when I was working for Today newspaper, dropped in to visit me from next door! It is very funny to hear English DJs talking to Chinese Djs. Haha!

The listeners voted for Sam and so here we are, at this super posh restaurant in Sheraton Towers Hotel called Domvx (I don't remember the name actually but it is agar like that), having a $500 dinner! (Yes I also noticed Sam stuck out his tongue in both photos. Cannot smile properly meh? 28 liao leh!)

That's me with a good hair day and a little black dress!

Sam bought me expensive chocolates from Royce! =) Thanks, made me damn fat lah!

One of the waiters/(he might just be a manager) helping to oxidise the red wine for our drinking pleasure. He is a little too polite! He bows! I felt like those emperors wanting to say "mian li, mian li" to bowing subordinates.

But still, terrific service. 3 servers to 2 guests!!!

Starter, tuna bread of some sort. WONDERFUL. I gobbled it up. Except the decorative olive.

Sam and I are happier after we ate the tuna thingy. :D

Soup came... Seafood broth.

Don't you think that mussels REALLY LOOK LIKE THE FEMALE GENITALIA?! Even when you open the damn thing (labia) you see something resembling the clitoris and vagina.

I still gobbled it up anyway. The soup is very nice, got lobster, prawn, two mussels, a piece of meat, and scallop inside!

Hungry yet? Here comes the best part of the meal: Appetiter.

FOIE FUCKING GRAS! It is so freaking nice omggggggg I had like five orgasms eating it up. Don't you animal moralists come and gimme that shit about geese being very poor thing coz they are tortured. Who ask them to be born as geese? Who ask them to be delicious? TRY BEING HUMAN NEXT LIFE! If I were a goose I will gorge myself so that people can enjoy my liver. So nice, letting it just function inside me is such a waste.

Did I already say it is very nice? In fact, the foie gras at Domvx (once again, spelling) is actually better than that of St Pierre's.

In case you are wondering, no, I didn't eat the leaves at the side.

Sigh, finishing already... The last bit of liver with some bread...

Sam's appetitizer is beef tenderloin sliced thinly. It was utterly ignored for WHAT IS BEEF WHEN YOU HAVE FOIE GRAS?!

Sam with his tomato-based penne pasta

I don't know about you, but I think it is a crime for pasta to be tomato based. I only like it cream-based. Yucks, tomato! So boring.

But since they didn't have cream-based pasta at Domvx, I ordered softshell crab pasta in tomato.

The pasta is the only part of the meal I am not fully satisfied with. It tasted rather normal and the spaghetti or taggulsifdsflio or whatever the antipasti is called is overcooked. The crabs are not crispy enough, but I think that is because it is not deep fried but grilled.

MAIN COURSE!! I was already exploding...

I had COD FISH! I love cod fish! But I think I am biased coz the only way I like it done is when it is drenched, once again, in cream sauce. In this case it is pesto sauce, which is not bad too, but nothing beats creamy cod fish! NOTHING!

Oh, Ritz Carlton's codfish is fucking nice. Thick like nobody's business. I remember those days when I used to work there as a banquet waitress and we used to steal those fishes, hide them inside our pockets, and eat them! Super nice.

Sam ordered lamb, which is very nice too! It is very tender and tasty.


Ok I cannot remember what is this Sam had but it is definitely not CHEESE ok? It is some orange thing.

I disapprove of using sour fruits (ie orange/lemon/apple) to make desserts so I didn't touch his and I cannot give a review...

But my warm chocolate cake...


It came with a scoop of rum and raisin ice-cream at the side. When I say Rum 'n Raisin, I don't mean the loser sort sold outside with little or no rum. This one tastes really quite bitter and the rum is generously added inside.

Rather unfortunately, the other side also sitted a bunch of caramelised figs. Remembering that Sun Wu Kong's favourite food is figs and forgetting he is a monkey, I bravely took a bite and it sucks.

But no matter: The star is the cake...

My, aren't we all hungry? Let's go binge now!!

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