3 parties and 1 baby

I've been busy lately, so here are just some photos of the past few days...

I'm really anal about aesthetics, so I made all the photos the same width. That would mean those that are taken upright will be real big. I DON'T CARE! If you don't have unlimited bandwidth you shouldn't be on the internet anyway.

So yes, many many photos. Of 3 parties, 1 KTV session, and one baby visit.

I was like, "Eh, shall just upload these stupid photos and not do much" then I started being extra again and photoshopped stupid graphics and words on the pictures. WHICH IS WHY I ONLY FINISHED AT freaking 5am sharp!! Now!

I know my blog often has pretty girls, but today's photolog got a lot of handsome boys!!

It's raining men! Hallelujah!!

WE REJOICE! Everybody loves a handsome boy! I'm sure handsome boys love themselves too! Oh, what about ugly boys? Er... Whatever. *bimbo shrug*

Maia's debut album launch at DXO

Maia (Lee, of Singapore Idol fame) invited me to attend her album launch at DXO! I knew her a long time ago, actually, when she was still June's sister's singing teacher. =)

Brought Kelvin, Tim, Huifen and Christian along.

She was belting out song after song on the stage but due to my lack of height, I only saw the top of her head.

I had to look at the LCD screen instead... :(

Too bad hor, coz she was dressed very sexily leh! *tiko smile*

Huifen and I

Eileen Wee was there too... Wah lau, that Kelvin sibeh extra!

Now better. Huifen wrestled Kelvin to keep him away.

Eileen and Huifen. ALOYSIUS!!! A-LOY! Marcus wanted me to delete this picture, saying he looks ugly, but I think got the you(4) yu(4) look mah, girls like.

Kel carefully plucked his brows for the occasion. I think he secretly likes Maia.

Who released the siao angmoh?

Why can't Kel take a proper photo?! Tim is very disgusted with you coz he knows that you wank to animal porn. GAY animal porn.

I knew Christian was hitting on Kelvin since the start! I knew it! It's the brows working their magic!

Chris, we know you want to lean your head towards Kelvin. Just go ahead and do it.

[Christian is not gay btw, in case stupid people don't get jokes]

SNAG magazine launch (why so many launches ah?)

Chris was supposed to go with me, but he axed me for some traditional Swedish dinner where he ate crayfish with his family, so I brought Kel along instead.

Speaking of Sweden, it is not to be mistaken with Switzerland. You may already know that, but I made a few timewear and chocolate jokes before Chris politely corrected me.


Damn good chocolates,
Best place to live in the world,

Richest man in the world cashflow-wise,
lingonberry jam,
Lakerol (Not ricola though!),

So yes.

Snag's launch had male models prancing around...

Really not handsome leh...

And what is with the Zhong Wu Yan look?!

Anyway the boss of this modelling agency is super handsome lah! I was like drooling, then I asked my friend to introduce him to me, then my friend was like, "He is gay la, stupid!".

Right. Thanks. I knew something was wrong when I saw him patting the "models" on the small of their waists. What is with the world?! Why I see handsome guys then they must be gay leh? I am very angry!

Why last time, you imagine hor, Xiao Long Nu see Yang Guo, then she think very handsome right, then she can just go ahead and duel with him or something then get married and hong chen gun gun sheng si xiang xu already...

People in the past won't have to worry and go ask their girlfriends first, "Hey, is that Yang Guo dude gay ah?". NO SIRE THEY DON'T!

I hate having to first find out whether a guy is gay before I decide to be infatuated with him! Sigh... We girls can't take anything for granted anymore. What is wrong with us girls leh? Breasts not nice meh? I don't believe anyone won't be enticed by breasts. Breasts are so nice. *bimbo shrug*

I have no idea whether it is true that he is gay, so boss-of-this-agency, if you are reading this and you are not gay... Well.. PROVE IT! *puckers up lips*

SNAG clubbing queens!

*Gasp* My secondary school junior is the second girl...

Speaking of RV, you RV people won't believe who came to attend my NP blogging seminar! YES, IT IS LAO LOOK (that's our discipline mistress)! She was very rude, she fell asleep when I was talking! Bah. You would think she might pay a little more attention to her "favourite" student in RV the four years I was in it.

Mrs Look if you are reading this, my pager is still with you! And so are like a million earrings or so. Gimme back hor!

Oh yeah, in case you noticed the little icon of myself lying on top of my URL... I would like to exclaim, "ISN'T IT CUTE?!" I love myself, so from now on no photo will not have me inside! That's so cool!

I got fed up with the smokey photos so I stopped snapping.

Kel and I proceed to...

Ian Loon's birthday party!

Ian is super cool can? His party is at the open-air carpark beside Liang Court, including the ZO card lounge room!

Nice, nice!

Birthday boy and me!

Christian with Ian (they were from Eye for a Guy 2 together!)

I think Uma is very funny! Here we are, in front of many many Zo cards... Photo's a little blur though...

I ditched Kelvin and gang, and went to KTV with Howard, Shan, Jeffy, Jeffy's friend Mich and Christian.


Somebody wake Shan up! He fell asleep!

Jeffy doesn't care.


Shan can be quite scary at times. Though we must admit his eyes are really quite gorgeous...




Howard very extra...

Don't you think Shan looks very lovesick in this photo?!

Let me see...


Woah! I knew you were over Denise, Shan. Yeah... but you know, hey, I like you too, but I like being, you know, single...


Stop being so obsessed with me! You're freaking me out mate!


Went to eat with SY's cousin. Yay! Got nice food and also can SMOOCH my favourite baby!

Babies are so soft... Ah, my face cut off coz... Well, you can't see it since it's cut off, but I was actually staring at Abbie with a maniacal glint in my eyes and it is quite scary.

Actually it is coz I never put make up, then I lazy to photoshop.

Shuyin is a bit siao...

Don't ask me why she go and think this kind of thing...

The lashes look so nice!

Poor baby...

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