I am hungrrrrrry

I feel very poor thing coz I haven't eaten the whole day!! And there is nothing at home to eat except Maggi Mee, which, believe it or not, I feel too lazy too cook. HAHAHA!

Maybe Momo will buy some things back.

Speaking of Momo, that day, she brought didi (Chinese for younger brother - I shall no longer call him Smelly here anymore because you people keep calling him that and I only I CAN CALL HIM THAT!) and I to eat at some restaurant at Ginza.

My brother went to the toilet, and he said that he was behind walking behind this man who also wanted to use the loo.

The man stopped at the handicapped toilet instead of the normal male toilet, because well...

1) it is nearer afterall
2) maybe he shares my love for handicapped toilets because they are so freaking spacious and usually has your own mirror and wash basin! Coolness!

He was really damn fucking suay coz he pulled open the toilet door, and, believe it or not, there was really a handicapped person inside.

A male handicapped person, who was using the toilet.

I don't know what the fuck is this person's problem, but he shouted at the innocent man who opened his door:

"You come inside here for what, you are not even handicapped!" and etc scoldings.

Woah, woah! HOLD ON DUDE. You mean only handicapped people can use handicapped toilets?

Didi was smiling away and telling his story as if it is very funny (which it is lar, if your point is to laugh at that suay man), but I was really quite pissed off because this is the second time I heard a story about handicapped people scolding others for using their toilets.

Another one was my friend who was using a cineleisure handicapped toilet... When he walked out, he was severely lectured by a man who was wheel-chair bound, the latter chiding him for making him (latter) wait.

I don't know if it is the same grumpy, crazy person who did these two scoldings, but if it is not, then it seems a little too much of a coincidence.

When I expressed that this siao-eh (as an individual) was ridiculously unreasonable, my brother said, "No, the man shouldn't have used the handicapped toilet what, it says on the door that it is for the handicapped."

How come people have this notion that only the disabled can use facilities for the disabled?

*Roll eyes*

So tell me ... our government spent millions of taxpayers' money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?

Oh, excuse me for going down the slope instead of the stairs, will you? I shouldn't have. MRT lifts - don't use it, cannot use it. Use the escalator instead.

WTF is this?

Sure, if I SEE that you are physically disabled, and you need to use the handicapped toilet, then yes, obviously I will let you use it and go use a normal toilet.

But the man my brother saw didn't even know there was a person inside! And if you didn't lock your own bloody door, it's your problem and stop scolding others for your freaking mistake!

As far as I am concerned, you have a physical disability - and that is where you have a disadvantage. Your bladder is working fine isn't it? So you wait, just like normal people do, when there is a queue for the toilet. The rest of us queue up to use a toilet - I don't see why the disabled should be any different.

Don't even go near the issue of handicapped parking lots. That is different, because waiting for a parking lot is not a matter of 2 minutes.

Pissed with unreasonable people. What pisses me off more is when the society at large condones bad behavior when it comes from supposedly piteous people. So what, handicapped have the rights to be unreasonable meh? If I ever break my leg (choy!) I think I shall use my crutch to anyhow whack anyone who comes near my MRT lift.

When some person says I am being violent, I cry and say he is bullying a cripple, then everyone will automatically be on my side.

So speaking of public transport ah... (got mood to blog coz the weather very nice, haha!)

Yesterday I had a most traumatizing experience. I was trapped in a taxi with a freaking cockroach!!!!!!!!!!!


I was just happily cruising along, then I realised something scurrying along beside me... BLOODY COCKROACH!!! COMING MY WAY!

Wah lau!!! It was not a nymph, but not an adult one either - just right smack middle-sized, so it was not as bad as an adult one. It was a repulsive shade of shiny light brown, and running towards me in what it obviously thought was a cute manner.


I really shudder to think if it could fly, omg.

I made a sudden movement to move away from it (taxi driver got shocked), and guess what I did?

By instinct, I grabbed the bottle of milk tea I bought from 7/11, and SWEPT IT AWAY!!

*palm forehead*

WHY I ALWAYS SO STUPID?! I could have killed it if I just smacked it with the bottle (which I can toss out of the window later), but no, I swept it away!

Naturally, the cockroach went missing, and there I was, balling myself up into the tiniest bit possible, so that the cockroach has a lesser chance of crawling onto me.

I swear, it was the most uncomfortable 10 minutes I ever endured.

Once I reached Orchard, I immediately got off and walked a good 15 minutes to my destination.

Claustrophobia is not very eerie. It is being trapped inside an enclosed place with something scary that is far worse!!

Now I'll never fall asleep in a cab, ever again.

Anyway, photos photos!!

When I met Kel, Vyasa, Tim and Russell... The boys wanted to play pool.

Recently I keep trying to take photos with a depth of field.
Isn't it so cool, my bracelet sharp, and the guys playing pool blur?

I had a super good hair day!!!

So I took many photos~!

Yay! I bought grey contacts. :)

I think Kel looks very good when he has only one eye.

What do you mean it's obvious I am pretending? Nonsense.

I look stupid in this photo, but I'm putting it up coz my hair looks TERRIFIC!

Vyasa is trying to call me coz my hair looks so fantabulous.

Tim's sexy butt

Yeah I know the lashes are very messy. Oh well.

Lovely blood coloured toes! The colour is "Little Red Dot" from Voxy. :D

Still shooting photos of myself... Sigh, I'm hopeless.

Russell is very angry coz he says he looks like he has a bald spot, when he actually does not!


KTV at Weili's country club!!!

Trying to act stylo...

Very boh liao!

Shuyin says she loves you.

Then we started to go a bit crazy... Weili's mom (we were singing with his kind parents who invited us to "test the new karaoke system" in the club) say we were very terrible coz other people were singing then we keep laughing and taking boh liao pictures...

Shuyin is siao. She likes to smell people...

She likes my hair coz she says it reminds her of sunflowers.

But Weili's armpit is really pungent... Ke lian...

Weili flashed at me!!!!!!!!!!!

"Why so pointy one?!?!"


Shuyin flash better than Weili... I like!

Introducing the flashers.

Smelling people again!!!!

Got dimple so what? I also have...




HAOLIAN!! I drive home then you know...


Ok, end of blog entry!!!

p/s: Because this entry contains controversial material, I will moderate comments. I don't want people to distort my words, nor baselessly go on attacking handicapped people and have me take the blame for instigating it. Take note that I wasn't criticising the disabled - I was only talking about those two people, as individuals. For all I know, they may have just broken a leg and are not permenantly disabled.

You can yak about how Xiaxue does not allow bad comments etc, but I think you are just being dense.

Let me give you an analogy: If you come to my face and say "You are a whore!" should I just smile and let you continue saying it? NO. I'll possibly slap you. The same reason applies - I don't see why I should allow pointless comments just insulting me to be written here on my blog for others to see it. Just doesn't make sense to me.

If you have constructive criticism though, go ahead and write it, I promise to publish it.

And yes, from today onwards I will occasionally turn off and on the moderating. I won't say when, because basically it won't affect good-willed people, and it will deter trolls and spammers. Good day!

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