WTF?! I am at home! Alone! Smell has gone out with daddy, and Momo is... get this: ATTENDING A PARTY!

Me? At home! On the opening night of Zouk, with no one to go with!

Kel's having a sore throat, Huifen's tired, Shuyin say she no money to go out, etc etc.

On days like this I wish I had a boyfriend, or rather a fb, so that I can just hop over to his place, cuddle, have sex, watch a dvd, and maybe raid HIS fridge. Hell, I won't even mind doing a jigsaw puzzle if he had one.

BUT NO! Woe is me!!

I woke up at a freaking 5pm today, and up till now I have not eaten anything, coz I am too lazy to cook nor go out to buy food!!

I read my book (Angels and Demons by Dan Brown - absolutely fantastic) and subconsciously, I am in the kitchen. My stomach growls.

I groggily walk over to the fridge and open it. Hmmm... No food.

I look at the table: No bread.

Then I go back to my room and read again. Be it blogs, websites, or my book.

Repeat cycle about ten times. I did the half-hearted fridge search again just a few minutes ago, but no food grew, except maybe a bit of moss at the back of the fridge or something.

So now I'm blogging.

Hmmm, still hungry.

Should I cook food, or should I not? Not. Lazy. But I'm hungry.

Thus I shall gross myself out with photos of disgusting things, then I won't be hungry anymore:



Feel very full now. Maybe I will go and edit some photos and put them up. Or not.

Urgh, I have articles to write, and also have to prepare, because I am giving a short 1 hour workshop to teach Elite models how to blog. I really should stop being SUCH a procrasinator. Tomorrow.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz yes I know this entry is very pointless, but hey, it's not everyday you see maggots! Imagine one in your mouth. Hell yes.

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