No more great hair

*Bam* One more down.

Voxy wants to clarify that our endorsement (as is Kimage) was for 3 months and not a year... They are very nice people, so stop lambasting them lar, as in, as a company I totally understand that they HAVE to do this... They also said it is not the "Malaysian bloggers'" fault that they ended the deal, though they *were* shaken by feedback. (Although the point of my blog was to say how malicious some people are, not that it's their fault in entirety)


No no no, I'm ok, really. But! I could do with some TLC, so send me your cutest guy friend. (Or yourself, if you are somebody's cutest guy friend! In a golden box with light gold twirly ribbons! And bunny ears! I love bunny ears.)

On the other hand ... Grrr! Stop giving me moronic suggestions like I should cut down on vulgarities and stop writing about controversial topics and attacking weak people (FUCK YOU, I DIDN'T "ATTACK" THE DISABLED I SAID ONE PERSON IS RUDE, AND HE HAPPENED TO BE DISABLED!) if I want endorsement deals. Who said I'm so hard up on them anyway? Crazyass morons. I still have a Media and Comm dip that I haven't even collected, ok? At most, I get a JOB. Or a rich boyfriend. Whatever it is, it is none of your business. If there is a smarter planet around I will just blast myself there now so that I am stop reading stupid stuff all the time. (But then again my stupidity in the smart planet might cause all the aliens to blast themselves off into a smarter planet.... Hahaha)

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