Feeling quite pensive

I wrote my first vote-pulling post at 8pm, and by 1030pm or so, my votes quadrupled, beating the next best contestant, Mrbrown.

The next day, a gazillion angry blog posts sprung up. These people are angry, furious, that my so-called "sheep" have once again efficiently done their job at doing whatever I wanted them to do.

My readers are not sheep. Liking something mass appeal does not automatically make you a sheep, so stop it. Do you like french fries? So do 90% of Singaporeans. Therefore, you are a slave to french fries is it? Are you blindly following others to eat fries? You mindless lemming.

It saddens me to read these entries.

Not because I feel upset to read that my blog is infantile, childish, superficial, or even malicious (which I don't think it is). I've seen enough of these comments, and I have long had an answer for myself.

There are 22.5 million blogs, and a few hundred new ones have probably sprung up while this entry is written.

Yet, only so many make it past 10,000 readers a day.

Overtaking my own blog idol (though he insists that his is not a blog)

Amongst the esteemed top 100 blog list, you will see a variety of many different genres of blogs.

There are gossip blogs, war journals, political blogs, technology blogs, and there are, of course, no lack of the girly blogs - like my own.

These blogs are popular for a reason: And the reason is that they are all the best at what they are doing.

Be it chicken rice or foie gras, as long as you make it well, it will be popular.

Is it right then, to exclaim things like, "Oh chicken rice is so cheap! It has no class! From now on, chicken rice seller, please cook only foie gras! Since you cannot cook foie gras well, you must be a lousy cook! You should be booted out of cook rankings."

That's just silly, because without the best chicken rice seller around (he failed miserably at selling foie gras and is now a hobo), people will just move on to the next best, and soon, this next best will once again earn loads of money.

How many chicken rice cooks are you gonna kill before everyone eats only foie gras?

If chefs are judged by the amount of money earned from sales, then surely Mr Next Best Chicken Rice is a good chef, isn't he?

I hope you are not looking confused at the whole food thing, because that chunk is supposed to be an analogy for blogs as well.

People are constantly harping on how my blog is not intellectual and thought-intriguing as other, more worthy, blogs are.

Enough! Once and for all, shut the fuck up and stop being a pretentious bigot trying to prove to the world how superior you are by the pretentious blogs you read.

That's the way I like to write, and there are people who enjoy it. Why constantly try to change something other people like?

There are 22.5 million blogs for you to choose from, dude... Go ahead, give another genre a shot if you don't like bimbos and entries on how to do your make up.

I'm sure there is a blog out there which will fit your interests... That day I just saw one seeking readers who have the common habit of digging their assholes and smelling their fingers afterwards. That would suit you.

And don't come here already.

Back to what people are saying that makes me sad. I am sad, because I am actually feeling GUILTY that I, then, so easily became the winner. It is sad when a victory only serves to make you feel bad about yourself.

Mrbrown wrote a post saying it felt good at least to be leading for a while, and that made me upset too.

He is my friend, and I don't want him to be unhappy. But yet, I do want to win (it makes me happy to see readers appreciating my work), and since the post is already up, I can't stop people from voting (and nor do I want them to stop).

For the longest time, whenever it comes to blog affairs, I am always deemed as the stronger one.

I have come to realise that Singaporeans ALWAYS protect the underdog, which I suppose is a good thing because it means we have compassion. But sad for me, of course! Look at my controversial issues:

SPG (poor underdog already hounded by media you still go and say her tits out of shape) = Xiaxue is a meanie (although I wrote about her before she got hounded by the media)

Toilets (handicapped people are already unlucky in life, you should never write anything even sounding vaguely against them) = Xiaxue is a meanie

Cab snatcher (She defamed you on a forum and you merely defended yourself, but so what? She is nowhere as powerful as you on the internet so you should have kept quiet) = Xiaxue is a meanie

And stuff about animals, Fiona Xie, etc.

I don't want to be superior anymore. I am sick of it. If now, say, a semi-known female blogger and I, at the same time, wrote something bad about each other, guess who is in the wrong?


Coz I am the blog queen!

And so many blog entries sprung up, defending Mrbrown and other contestants, saying they are more worthy winners, let's beat Xiaxue and vote for them, etc etc. Did they care about my feelings? Nah. Xiaxue is strong enough. For once, can we please turn the tables and say other people are bullying me?

I am a girl, and I also want to be protected at times.

Sorry if I am rambling on, I am just trying to get my thoughts out straight, because I am so confused right now.

So yes. Why am I the victim of such anguish? It is NOT MY FAULT that I have a younger bunch of readers, and that these readers will naturally vote more than Mrbrown's will; because they (mb's readers) are maturer and possibly less enthusiastic about such issues.

It is NOT MY FAULT I have a large readership, just because more people are generally more interested in gossipy, bimbotic, light-hearted affairs than ostentatious high-brow content (I'm not talking about Mrbrown, but you know the sort of blog i'm talking about, where the authors are usually poets and write only with words more than 3 syllabi).

This is what I want to say to those who are feeling so antagonized and bitter that I was once leading:

If you want to say sour grapes things like, "It is just a cheap popularity brawl and of course stupid girls like Xiaxue will win, since dirty old men and naive teenagers will vote for her. Vote Mrbrown! He is more worthy than Xiaxue!", then perhaps you should look back upon your words and realise how silly you sound.

Because if it is just a cheap popularity brawl, when the win doesn't really matter anymore, does it? The prize is not worth shit: it merely shows who has more lemmings, right?

So why get so bothered?

It is just the Best Asian Blog Award. Every blog nominated is a winner already (except those who nominate themselves; guffaw), because they have readers who like them enough to think they ought to win.

That being said, perhaps it is a good thing that Mrbrown's current votes have bypassed mine. Then people will stop Kpkb-ing.

Go vote if you think I'm the best Asian blogger in your opinion. I will appreciate every single vote casted. But if you don't think I'm the best, read the rest, and vote whoever you think rocks your socks!

There is no need to put the other bloggers down.

What you may not like, others may.

My blog readers don't ever do that. They just think I'm cool, and they never put others down to justify their opinions (or at least I don't see them doing that), and for that, I'm proud.

Are the readers of these supposedly pedantic blogs really less mature than Xiaxue's "sheep" readers?

What an irony.

To the nice people who liked me enough to show me that little bit of appreciation, thank you!

As a reward, I give you something even better than Junny's boobies:

Pretty pretty Dawn! The blogosphere is suffering from withdrawal of her photos. =)

My head looks so goddamn big besides hers man! We did a Cleo photoshoot together, so be sure to buy the magazine!

Ta! If you vote enough, I'll post up more photos of Dawn, muahaha! She must be feeling like smacking me now for making use of her chio shots, heehee.

Oh and if you have voted yesterday, you can still vote today. Once every 24 hours! :)

- Because if your reason for voting is "Xiaxue sucks", then you are voting for completely wrong reasons -

Update: I was refreshing the page after writing this, and in the last refresh Mrbrown's votes increased by 3 while mine increased by 1. I guess hate is indeed a better motivator than love. Haha! IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO, BLOGDERS?? Jia you! We must not let the hatemongers win! Click here! =)

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