My daughter Taittinger

Yesterday I went to MoS (yes again) with June, Kelvin and Kit, and I decided to call my daughter Taittinger, after MoS's uber VIP room the Taittinger Sky Lounge. I know I've said this before, but this time I stand firm in my resolution.


If I ever get married, of course.

Now, there is a problem. If I want a name like Taittinger, I cannot marry men with awful surnames coz Taittinger Neo just sounds damn wrong! It sounds like a loser chick, right?

Taittinger Gooi is damn bad, Taittinger Tang ok, and Taittinger Leong is fine too. Sad huh?

Or maybe I won't marry Chinese guys then, a French surname would be beautiful!

So anyway, as I was saying, my daughter will be Taittinger, and my son, I wanna call him Prestige.

I know most of you will be sniggering and saying it is the mercs cab's brand, but so what? If I am rich enough to be buay paiseh and call my son Prestige, I will buy over the bloody fleet of mercs cabs and rename them to something else. I don't know, some atas name, maybe Caviar or something.

Caviar cabs! :D

Damn cool ok?

I will then train Prestige and Taittinger to be both fucking elitist from young.

When people with an inferior social status speaks to Taittinger, she will gently lift her diamond encrusted hand and feign a yawn, saying slowly but loudly that she needs to rest and must not be disturbed/needs to go for horse-riding lessons now.

Her poodle hops along after her svelte frame sashays away. MUAHAHAHA!

And Prestige will be worse. Prestige will snub anyone who does not own a plane. People who make jokes about the ex mercs cab brand will be banished to Prestige's own jailhouse, which can hold up to 100 people captive.

Inside, they are all chained to the ground laying down and have water taps slowly dripping on their bare foreheads. That will teach them to tease my Prestige.

Ok I just decided. From now on, please do not call me Wendy anymore.


From this blog entry onwards, I want to be known as Taittinger Cheng Yan Yan the First.

I know there is no second YET, but when I get my daughter she will be second, ok?


Obviously not gonna happen. I don't think I will ever be so rich myself, and I don't think if I marry someone so rich he is gonna let me name the kids. Damn!

But I'm serious about the name Taittinger. You know how some people suddenly change their Christian names? I want to also! You better call me Taittinger from now on, I DON'T CARE.

I am also serious about wanting to learn how to play the piano!

That day, at Shuyin's place, I asked SY's friend Natalie to play Jay Chou's Ye Qu for us, and she plopped down on the chair and just played like that!!! *snaps fingers*


I think I might have even teared a bit. Yes me, Taittinger Cheng.

Playing the piano is so damn sexy!

I mean, there are many many things which are sexy, such as wearing a lacey g-string, or smelling nice, and whatever... Different people have different fetishes perferences.

And I think being able to play the piano ranks pretty damn high!

On a scale of ten perhaps:

1/10) Not farting, looking like you have no diseases

2/10) Great clean teeth

3/10) Cooking good food, having long fingers/legs.

4/10) Having great hair, wearing skimpy clothes, having a long tongue

5/10) Smelling great, staring seductively while being in a bikini

6/10) Roleplaying uniforms, coming out of the bath in a bathrobe

7/10) Being naked, playing the piano, forlicking in a bubble bath

8/10) Being able to deepthroat and demostrating it

9/10) You are a famous porn star

10/10) Being an elf

SEE? 7 out of a scale of 10!

I know, you musically inclined pianists will all be like, eh, you know Taittinger, you should learn how to play the piano for the love of music, and not just to be sexy.

Fuck music, I just wanna be sexy.

I already have waist-length hair cascading down my lovely waist (*ahem) and now I need to play the piano, ok? Together they add up to a full 11/10!

Who wants to teach me?? :D

So anyway, pictures:

From... Where else? From the heights of the Ministry of Sound Singapore, Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Taittinger Sky Lounge:

Kelvin left me and June alone to go downstairs to fetch someone, so we were both standing in Pure.

I was messaging a friend, and June was just standing beside me... While I messaged, a guy (quite ok-looking actually, and he sounded smart!) started talking to her (as usual) and after some time, he asked, "Do you girls wanna come to the Sky Lounge?

I looked up from my phone and nodded. Hahaha! Yes please!

I feel quite happy coz this guy doesn't know who I am so I can blog about him. I never had this feeling for a very long time already! I am not trying to hao lian, I am really feeling happy about this.

I remember I used to be able to write about my crushes and share secrets with my blogders, but nowadays, I can never do that anymore. :( They all read my blog.

So yes, that guy brought us in.

On the way out of Pure, we bumped into Kelvin, and he obviously asked where June and I were going, but naturally I don't think the guy hitting on June would want Kelvin to tag along, penis and all, so I told Kel, "We are going to the Sky lounge with this guy who hit on June!" and left only in time to hear Kelvin say "Fuckers!!"

Hahaha quite funny.

It rules to be girls. :D

A bit of anger is good for Kelvin. This will spur him to work harder and be the one bringing girls in in the future. Hor Kel??

Later on, I saw another friend inside who brought everyone in. The room is, erm, really quite atas one, you must be invited in by the management to go in...

So yes, the hit-on-June guy, let's call him Steve... I still have no idea who he is or what he does. He didn't follow up after the initial chat. We asked him what his job is, and he evasively said "I clean up."

Steve's champagne, the namesake of the room:

Is the make up nice? I was trying to create the Guess Models kinda look, with the big hair and leopard print stuff. :)

Literally a winged chair.

They serve macadamia nuts! I don't believe it. My favourite nuts! Waiter told me it costs like 15 cents per nut. I have no idea if he is kidding, but if he is not, then I ate a whole damn lot of money.

Sun-tanning and alcohol does not go well together.

June started to go siao and take many photos... Of everything.


Kelvin and me talking...

Her surroundings...

And finally, a damn chio photo of us! It is so nice, I made it my wallpaper! :D

All the pictures with me in it can be enlarged, all the better for you to see my ravishing beauty! Muahaha!

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