FINALLY!!!! After waiting for so long, here's the...




and mostly very unlucky

I did it!!

13 YAO!!!!!!!!!

I am a complete person now! After 8 years of playing mahjong, here's my first 13 yao and now to better skies! I'm gonna tian hu and di hu and da san yuan and 18 luo han and da si xi and si an ke and tian hu da si xi! MUAHAHAHA

(Sorry to people who don't play mahjong you wont understand what I am talking about but you should start playing coz it is a fabulous game. You don't know what you are missing out!)

So anyway, it is kinda eerie how I won coz it was the very last game (of the 3 rounds we played). I was the overall winner of that day's games so I delibrately didn't win the last round with my lousy chou ping hu cards, and that got me rather pissed off as well.

In the end Tim won and he was banker, so we went one additional round. Without this one additional round I won't have gotten 13 yao!

I started off with 7 cards and thought, since it's the last round and I'm up, I might as well do it.

I had all the winds except bei with 2 dongs and hong zhong fa cai (no bai ban) and like one of the one-nine cards.

Then like 3 cards came in a row, and in between I threw away all my nice adjoining number cards. I got rubbish cards for a while - was kinda pissing.

The 13 yao cards came again and I got my 9 shuo and 1 tong within 1 round and almost hyperventilated to death.

Once I ting pai it took 1 round for Tim to threw his bird card and I WONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

I tell you, since I got my 9 shuo I was trembling all the way until 20 minutes later my hands were still trembling can!

I think I learnt one thing... If you are meant to win 13 yao, your 13 yao cards won't come in doubles, coz mine never did.

(OK I just asked Sandra about hers and she said her 13 yao cards came in doubles and she had to decide between 13 yao and da pai yao jiu)

That's not the point.

THE POINT IS I FINALLY WON 13 YAO!!! Congratulations to me!!!

I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!
I did it!!

Haha I think I am siao.

p/s: I don't think I am very unlucky coz Creative just gave me a $599 player.(more about that later!)

But I did see an accident... No dead bodies though, and the accident was at Orchard road and the entire bus saw the accident with me... And they can't have all won 13 yao recently, can they?

p/p/s: I think people who go like, "Oh, I don't do 13 yao coz it's suay!" are just having sour grapes. I bet you just don't have that kinda luck to do it, haha! Everyone I know who did it said they weren't unlucky after winning.

p/p/p/s: Ain't it so pretty. And count the number of pictures in that row. :D

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