Why don't these people get it?

Recently I keep seeing disgusting people.

It is ok to be disgusting, I think, but it is very annoying when disgusting people do not ever admit they are disgusting?

Same as when dumb people act like they are all smart and tries to give you advice.

I mean, sometimes, it is kinda obvious people are laughing at you. Either you laugh with them (ie at yourself too), or you stop being a clown. You really shouldn't pretend that the attention you are getting is glamour, or because you are good-looking or talented, because you are really not.

I tell you, I am sibeh suay.

Yesterday I was playing mahjong at Sandra's place, and at the background on the TV flashed this girl.

The "full-time model", as she self-proclaimed, was acting! Wow, I guess this means she is an actress and thus is like all jazzed up and red carpet and whatever.

Not. She acted as a slutty SPG, and on screen she was touching an gross fat angmoh in what blind people would presume to be a seductive manner.

You know, those TV extras with no acting skills whatsoever, and seeing them act makes you want to weep and kill all the babies so that the human race dies out?

(At this point you people should realise I have a personal vendetta against her - and that is because she is the one who set up the petition to ban me from Orchard Road. HAHAHA! Won't it be funny if it came true?

Me: *walks into Orchard road*


Policeman: Are you Xiaxue?! Sorry miss, you are banned from Orchard Road.

Me: Oh? Oh sorry sir, I forgot... *meek voice* I guess I would have to shop at City Hall then.

Policeman: *grunts*)

Back to this girl, everyone of us playing mahjong just started laughing and hysterically pointing out her more obvious flaws, like the fact that the space in between her brow and her eye can fit in another 3 of her eyes - the space is that big and her eyes are that small. Ahem.

Well after seeing her I just starting losing money. Suay.

The thing is, I cannot understand. There you are, acting as a slut with an STD on a TV show... You are not a lead, you are an extra. Which part of that sounds like a glamourous job to you?

But yet these people can call themselves "full-time model"s. Where does that kind of delusion come from?

Speaking in the same rein, I received an email from Steven Lim yesterday, asking me to go down to Mediacorp to support him in that loser of a show he is in.

I can't think of another show that can so effectively put losers in their place, but yet, it doesn't seem to be working, coz these losers have their delusion powered on SO high, they won't get it no matter what.

Imagine, you are on a show specifically for losers - losers who constantly join contests to gain fame, but yet always fail.

Isn't that kinda obvious enough that people just want to laugh at you?

Looking at him on TV the night before was so painful. There he was, with awkward darty eyes and his yellow toga, dancing to some cheap song and relating some sob story.

To add to my cringing, he sent me this:

If possible, pls do some homemade good gesture encouragement paper, like "go go Steven" etc....or do your own " Xiaxue.blogspot supports Steven" to ad your blog....i come in peace

The idea of me appearing appearing on that show for a flash second holding the banner "go go Steven" is so laughable, that I actually choked when I read that email.


And how are you supposed to break it to them gently that they are being so so so very disgustingly deluded about themselves?

I replied to dear Steven that I cringed when I saw him on tv, and if I see him in real life I would spasm and die, so no thanks.

He replied:

huh?????????????????? dun like that lah...support lah...... I will mention you in my website i m grateful to u one.........make some special appearance la.... if you support me, i will have more confidence............. pls..........i beg u....i m friendly guy one..

His exchange for me going down to support him and holding my homemade good gesture banner is... *drum roll*

An honourary mention on his website.

*pukes and flops around, dead*

If you don't find his absurdness funny enough, here's one more thing Steven Lim suggested to me:

That I change my top banner to a photo of him and I together, and he would pay me $500 for two years.

That would be $0.69 per day. (Thanks to Shuyin who went to calculate)

Thank you very much, I would love to do that for you, Steven.

As if it is not enough that I am tormented by these two people, a 3rd person also came into the picture.

If you guys remember, in the Going Nautical II entry I mentioned lightly in passing that the FHM King card is the ugliest among the colourful array of people featured in the cards.

Most people looking like this:

(the guy, not the girl, stupid)

Would have no problems with someone saying that he is the ugliest among a deck of cards featuring FHM girls, but no....

Someone's a petty little bitch.

Here's the email he sent me:

I can agree that some of the gals on the deck are quite how u say, nnot so appealing, however u do fail to realise the fact tht they ARE at least imortalised on a deck of playing cards.. I'll be dying to see when YOUR face will be on one as well..

Why am i saying this?? coz of a comment u made about the king being the ugliest of the lot. Yeah to each his own n u have the right to say whatever u wan on yr blog but u have to be responsible for your own actions. What u said has created trouble between me n a close fren of mine n u wanna know why?? COZ I'M THE KING! If FHM were so stupid as to hire someone like me to do shoots like tht for them ( FYI i have been posing for FHM for half a year from Jan 2005- June 2005) then i guess it's their loss right?? But if u check back to a past issues i have had 2 fan mail written to the mag n published as letters of the month. So if i am as UGLY as u say i am then i guess loads of these ppl are jus blind n stupid yah??

Lastly, If u think u r so damn great n pretty, how is it tht izzy got the job at FHM instead of u?? i'm dying to see when YOUR face appears on the cover of FHM. Maxim is number 2 in SG girl.. FHM still reigns supreme.

Thank you for your time,

Sincerely, Jeremy the FHM KING!



Fucking funny!

Aren't such people so very amazing?

Firstly, it is ok for him to say that some of the FHM girls are ugly, but I just can't say he is ugly.

And secondly, it is not ok for me to "attack" someone (and my comment wasn't even personal to begin with), but his defence is to attack whatever he deems to be a weak point with me - which is that Izzy (Izzy who?) is writing for FHM instead of me.

(In case idiots are nodding along with his point that SPG "got that job instead of me", I'd have to explain that FHM's editor jumped ship to Maxim, which is why I wrote for Maxim instead of FHM. That, and the current editor is angmoh. Hmmm.)

Don't say I am mean. He started it and he is asking for it. I don't really think I'm pretty, but I just had to say that to shut him up.

Anyway, as I said, some people are so deluded, they will never get an insult. I mean they do "get" it of course, but they think everyone just has something personal against them, so these insults are never ever accurate.

I'm not going to allow any comments for this blog entry, so you all can just save your breath.

Can't be bothered with dumb people.

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