Big kiss to all my friends

I had a great long birthday! On 27th, the day before the big day, Momo brought me out for dinner at Crystal Jade's, and we had loads of xiao long baos.

Then I met up with tomorrow.sg's bloggers to discuss adding editors to our team, and they bought me a cake! So sweet. :D I also got a slab of Meiji chocolate from Angelique! Thanks babe!

The Singapore Govt also loves me, and gave me $800 for turning 22. Teeheehee! Yah I got $800! I live in the armpit of Singapore afterall, in a bloody 3 room flat. I deserve more man, for the sheer inconvenience of staying here. Pui!

Speaking of that I wonder how much our minister's sons will be getting for their progress package? They should get zero!!!! Muahahha

On 28th I woke up to Mike wishing me a happy birthday at his 3am (my 2pm), and stayed at home till evening, where I met Kelvin and the boys.

While we were at cafe cartel in Cine, I walked pass this table, minding my own business and all, and I heard a resounding voice saying, "Wow, her legs are really short!"

Which of course my legs ARE indeed very short, but that's still not very nice, especially on lao niang's birthday!

So anyway, one girl commented, "Can you be any louder?" and the table erupted into childish laughter. Damn, I was cutting bread and should have casually tossed the knife into their faces.

I turned around to have a look at the people who were so rude, and got a shock of my life: They were all freaking ugly!

I felt slightly pissed at first at the comment, but when I saw how they looked like I just felt really affronted, coz I think the worst insult in life is to have an ugly person comment on your looks.

GAH! Judging from the stumpiness they emitted just sitting on Cafe's seats, they all aren't tall either.

Ok fine, I can't really tell their height, but you forgive me for that, coz they were really ugly - like distractingly so. Oh well.

I briefly considered going to the guy and telling him that I felt hurt by his remarks, but I thought, well, being seen talking to ugly people might affect my social standing. Sigh.

After this we went to watch The Wild, which is 90% similar to Madagascar. It gives me the impression that some spy from Disney stole The Wild's idea and sold it to Dreamworks, and the latter, in double-quick time, did up the film and sold it first, leaving Disney pissed and with no choice but to add in a Koala and two cameleons, only to boardcast their original film 1 year later.

Still, it was rather entertaining. The Koala had an English accent and that's always funny. :D Sounds so prissy.

After this we went to Qihua's place to play mahjong where I won $12.


Next day, 29th, met Sandra and gang at West Mall for dinner. I ate damn xiao long baos again, I'm hooked to it.

Speaking of xiao long baos, I hate to eat with virginal xiao long bao eaters, coz I feel obligated to protect them from being burnt when they put the damn dumpling into their mouths wholescale, where of course, the dumpling will burst with a violence and burn them to death.

I remember I brought Mike to Ding Tai Feng and despite warning him that the seemingly innocuous dumpling contains a dangerous amount of boiling hot sauce, he still burnt his tongue. -_-

I told Sandra this and she said that it is necessary for virginal xiao long bao eaters to burn their tongues, so that they will remember the experience forever! Haha!

In this case I shall cease to warn people in future. :D

I asked Momo how to cooked xiao long baos, you know, to make the meat juice stay inside like that, and she said she didn't know coz some people say it is to insert a frozen piece of soup into the dumpling then steam it, or it is also possible they leave a small hole on the top of the dumpling, steam it, put the soup in, then seal it up.

Ah, everyone loves a mystery.

And damn, I love xiao long baos, the yummy things. Don't let me see you or I'll gobble you up. Heeheehee.

After eating we played Mahjong again, and I lost $19.

30th, I met up with Shuyin, Wanyi, ZC and Alvin for Birthday Brunch at Seoul Garden in Bugis - which was plain terrible.

We booked for a table for six people, but it was utter chaos there, and just to settle our reservation for a table of six took around 20 mins: 10 to search for our names, and 10 to set up the table.

The place was extremely noisy, annoying and crowded, due to the outlet (according to Alvin and I'm not sure if this is true) selling their dining services to big tour groups.


God I couldn't take it.

The lady at the counter (in black) then told us to pay money first before eating, as it was their restaurant's policy.

I told her I don't know yet if our friend (Weili! You cock) was showing up yet, and it would be ridiculous to pay for him only to not have him show up later.

She said it was ok to pay for five people first, then in this case, she will have to give us a table for five people.

I asked her what's the difference between a six-person table and five-person table, and she said that if there are six people, you apparently split into two tables and use two bbq pan thingys - if five, just one table.

I then said obviously we need the six people table (the restaurant was packed and to add a table later on if Weili comes was impossible) and she said she cannot do that.

I said, "Then what if my friend comes later, where does he sit?" and she merely shrugged, her body language clearly saying she doesn't care.

Ridiculous, coz firstly, we did book a six-person table so that table should be ours, and secondly I don't see why we have to pay for an invisible person if he is not sure if he is able to come yet.

I begin to get really pissed off with her attitude, coz she was obviously trying to applease the tour groups by trying to give one of our tables to them. I, on the other hand, cannot care less if the tour groups get so hungry they choose another restaurant - coz we fucking booked our SIX-PERSON table first.

The lady stepped back in and discussed with someone inside.

She then told me repeatedly to understand that their restaurant is very full (not my fault and I don't care) in a very curt voice, and seemed unwilling to give us a six-person table, so I told her off and said I cannot understand why we cannot get our table since we booked for it!

There you go, I hate such people. Now, apparently, she had just spoken to her boss or whoever right, and the person gave the go-ahead for letting us pay 5 and sit 6.

But she, being very witty I'm sure, had to begin to adhere to my perfectly reasonable request by lecturing me of my lack of empathy for their restaurant's crowdedness, and made me think she was being disagreeable to my request.

If only she started by saying "Ok miss, I have checked with the management and they said it is ok", no one would get upset.

But no! Some people think just coz they are older and perhaps a supervisor of a restaurant, they get all the power to lecture their customers.

After I said my comment, she put her palm to my face, and said, "Miss, I am giving you the table now, ok?" in a very loud voice, and continued by saying, "I don't want to argue with you, ok? THERE IS NO NEED TO ARGUE." and she snubbed me!

How rude is THAT??

Wanna give people money still must see their face ah?!

After this we wanted to pay our bill right, and it was a freaking $119 for 5 people!! That's $24 for squeezing with a gazillion tourists, and getting this kinda shit attitude!

And guess what? When we booked the place, we were told it was $15.90+++! Wow, what a steep steep 50% increase, huh??? Triple plus my ass, you might as well just say double that price.

We wanted to pay (Alvin Lam and I had like $110 between us, just not enough), and I took out my nets card, and guess what?


We left the place, and I am presuming I will never return again, and neither should you go there either.

If you are reading this, Seoul Garden's management, you can try telling that lady in black gently that if she does not have the right service attitude, she should try being a bus driver instead - coz that is one job where you can get grumpy at. *roll eyes*

When I was a waitress I was never so rude!

(Not just me! Check out the reviews here.)

What a bad experience. We went to Billy Bombers instead, where, erm, I kinda got into a food fight with some people. But that amazing story is for another day.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna go watch The Return of The Condor Heroes, the 1995 version by Louis Koo before he got too tan. Yippee! The show is super great and I bought all 20 episodes for $35! Cheap cheap!

Come First of May, Eileen will be treating me to fine dining (my god sis is the best!), and I think I will force her to go watch Aquamarine with me! :D Love chick flicks.

And foie gras, omg.

5 days of birthday celebration, shiok! :D

Tata now readers!

Mike's having exams. :(


Updated: I saw something which really grossed me out after mahjong at Qihua's place!

Kelvin drove pass some private houses near Lentor Ave (where Casuarina Curry is? I dunno for sure which road it is, I'll check with Kel again) and just outside the houses was a green patch of grass, which proudly stood one telephone booth.

The booth is transparent, and Tim said, "WTF!" and we all turned to looked at the booth, and saw a foreign worker man inside (likely bangladeshi).

He was, in broad daylight, dry humping a girl!! His hands were on her hips and he was pulling her close to him, hugging her and rubbing his crotch against hers.

We saw all these very clearly coz we stopped just beside it during a red light.

The man then hugged her tight, and the girl was behaving like very squirmy, so I was very startled and thought she might be being raped.

She then walked out of the booth into our clear view.

A Filipino/Indonesian maid.

That is still not so bad.






Can you imagine that?!

Imagine if that is your child, being hugged by an unknown man with an erected penis??


I was so so so so so angry with the maid, I seriously considered going to scold her, but the boys were only interested in their breakfast, so I guess it is inadvisable for me to go alone.


Can you imagine if that is your baby and your maid did that??! What else is she capable of?

I am so so so so traumatized. The slut had a pram just right beside her, and she had to fucking hug that scum while carrying the baby.

Well you people living near that estate I am talking about better look after your maids. She was at the phone booth at around 10am in the morning I think. Goodness knows what the foreign worker would do to that baby.

GRRRR! Very traumatized.

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