I love Las Vegas!

Photos of Las Vegas as promised before I go to bed!

Vegas is great! Everything is so wild and bright and vying for your attention!

It's possibly the best city in US for a holiday... Hotels are cheap and very pretty, and food is ridiculously cheap (think steak and lobster for $10.95), and there are nude girls and very handsome nude guys too! (Chippendales! Too bad Mike was around)

We stayed in Wild Wild West, slightly offstrip for around $200 only!

Man, the weather there was SCARY! Super super hot and dry enough for you to burst into flames!

I left my lip balm in the glove compartment and when I went to retrieve it a while later it MELTED! Totally liquified!

Tropicana, with Excalibur in the background! We had buffet there... was $15... Not too bad, not too good either.

Hooters! Doesn't that shadow look realistic?

I don't know what this is but it looks damn suggestive!


Isn't it great? Choose your preferred race and type, and the girls will be sent to your doorstep, totally nude! I took the funny two girls one (holding the ankles) and it says two girls for $99!

So funny how they placed all the stars at the strategic spots (snigger snigger)!

And we go into the MGM Grand!

There were real roaring (ok maybe not roaring, only got lazyass) lions INSIDE MGM Grand!

And I also think it's very brilliant to add a good adjective to your hotel's name. I'll call my hotel CYY Grand in future too!

There was some TV screen and it has soccer on it!

It's hilarous to see how excited the guys all are and the girls are totally bored. Mike doesn't like soccer I think. I am really scared he turns gay. :(

I love themed hotels!

MGM grand is like lions and grandeur... There's also Excalibur which is ancient British? Luxor is Egyptian... Caesar's Palace is obviously Roman... Paris is French... Mirage is desert... There's New York New York too and the Stratosphere (futuristic)... All so fun!

Las Vegas is like a mini-world!

Outside MGM!

New York New York

Oh oh!

In between LA and Vegas we stopped at this place called Barstow. Had fabulous products all at factory prices! I bought this pair of wedges there for around SGD$50!

So gorgeous isn't it?

The lights there are so nice!

I don't know why we banned neon lights.


Feel a bit like a princess with all those castles


We bought a ticket...

So rude to disallow people to get married! Anyway it was raining so we had to return the money... Another time then...

The Bellagio!

It is not themed but is so grand and simple... In fact because it is not themed it stands out among the rest by appearing clean and pure...

Driving here and there

Watched a magic show!

Dirk apparently has one white tiger with stripes, and another pure white tiger! He made them appear and disappear! Just amazing.

I dig magic shows!!

Eat a big apple in the big apple!

And next we go to one of my favourite hotels, Caesar's Palace! Super big, and everything is carefully done up!

Heehee someone is not well-endowed

We saw this AMAZING car in the carpark! I had to take photos

Isn't it the most broken down piece of shit you have ever seen?

Speaking of cars, remember Maddox's entry about Idaho?



I love Vegas.

Where else will girls walk around in G-strings?

Only in Vegas!

Apparently this joker (haha I know, weak pun) is mounted on a billboard and driven around by this car SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADVERTISING.

How brilliant is THAT? Vegas has one of the busiest roads in the world so this billboard really gets seen a lot.

Some other buildings...

The Venetian is one of my favourite hotels too! So classy!

Oh oh did you already know the owner of Venetian is going to be the owner of our Singapore casino too? I CAN'T WAIT!! Can't wait for a small part of Singapore to be like Vegas!

Lots and lots of wedding chapels!

I think the reason why people get married here is because they are already doing so much gambling, might as well go on with one more thing. :D

Outside the Mirage!

Am I talented or what? I TOOK THESE PICTURES MYSELF!

Please lor you think it's easy to have to kiss, push Mike into position, snap, and have the "Mirage" sign directly in place? Tough!

Fremont street!

The old strip is way more gaudy than the current one!

We went into a strip club and Mike recognised a porn star... That pervert! But he claims that he only remembers her coz she did something very amazing!

Apparently in her porn flick and also while we saw her stripping she TWITCHED HER BREASTS!

Like how musclemen do it! Twitch the left, then the right, then again and again! Made everyone clap and stuff her with dollar bills!

How does she do that?! I also wanna learn!

Oh yeah Mike gave this stupid blonde chick a mesmerised look so I got pretty pissed and we left after not too long. He claims he only looked at her g-string's strap to put the dollar bill in.


THE SLUT! She cannot see I am around ah! DISEASE RIDDEN WHORE!!!! Grrr

Anyway... There was also this black chick which was very amazing!

She has a damn fat ass so when she did like half-squats rapidly there would be a very loud slapping sound of ass against thigh!! Fucking funny!!

The rest of the chicks are quite ugly though... Fat even! Unforgivable.

Oh yeah, also, this is a definitive time in my life! When the strippers were near me, I was SO scared they would put their breasts on my face!

I've always thought there might be a chance I am lesbian, but when I felt the fear I knew I was damn straight.

And lastly, we went to have dinner at Olives, a very popular restuarant in Bellagio!

I am damn good at pretending that I am not the one who took the photo!

Dressing up for the event... :D

We ordered foie gras, jumbo scallops and soft shelled crabs with pasta!

I am happy coz Mike is treating! :D

One sibeh big slab of foie gras! SO SO SO GOOD.

Olive paste for bread! Delicious!

Pasta... They put something funny inside, like parsley!

Thank god for boyfriends who eat anything. Supposed to be mine!

Jumbo scallops with risotto!

Super fresh and BIG and JUICY!

I bet you can FEEL how it tastes like!

And after dinner we realised why Olives was so popular!


So pretty! I felt like one of Ocean's Eleven...

And that's it! We fly back to Texas!

All that food made Mike exhausted.

p/s: 5.53am drama at home. Clinton woke up to shower for school and got bitten by a centipede. I tried to trap it with Cloudy's food bowl but it escaped.

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