Singaporeans are FOS

First, to make up for my forced limitation of vulgarities, let me scold a few: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Apparently some CBs (yes I am talking about you, u fucking assholes) have been writing in to ST's forums to complain about the use of vulgarities on my starblog.

I understand that it has been marketed as a G-rated site and thus some kids might read it.

(seriously, what are kids doing on the net? Shouldn't they be playing with marbles? They have no business online! Some 13 year old or something boy I saw that day announced he betted $200 on Germany. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? What are parents doing, sleeping?)

I even understand that old people whom, for the rest of their lives have not gone online and have been persuaded by ST to do their virgin try on Stomp, might be shocked beyond words by the liberal use of the word "FUCK" and might go into old people spasms.

I tried very hard to understand, I did.

I tried to use other words to replace fuck, but the sentence "They even look like they are mentally copulating you!" just doesn't sound nice at all.


FOR GOODNESS SAKE! People complained about the use of the word bastard in the latest entry!

This reminds me of my ex-Christian maid who was so pious she thought the word "stupid" was a vulgar word and told me severely that God would punish me.

She's super stupid.

Why are Singaporeans such asses? SERIOUSLY? We are anal BEYOND WORDS.

May I ask, what's the whole point of reading stuff online?


If you fucking want to read prim and proper English about PC stuff, read the damn newspapers and read a damn children's book!

If you want ST to censor this and censor that, then for goodness sake la, ask them to cancel Stomp altogether. It's supposed to be a youthful, trendy site - not a site for grandpas.

Assfucking readers.

"BASTARD"! I can understand "fuck" is vulgar, but what's wrong with "bastard"? Moreover, the sentence I used was "All lawyers are bastards (except wong)" - which is more than valid.

In fact, I heard some lawyer complained that it is DEFAMATORY!

To this I laugh my heart out: HAHAHAHA!

Now not only is he a bastard, he is also a petty bastard!

Idiot. He must have a small penis.

Forgive me, I'm usually quite polite. Surely if it's you you will be pissed too?

Go on, complain some more if you wanna. Go read the other PC blogs if you want to. It's your loss - I'm a fine read.

God, sometimes I REALLY hate Singaporeans. Full of these conservative narrow-minded, yes, BASTARDS.

Enough anger.

Pictures. Last few days of LA

Fat people food!

Springy sponge cake with sugar-filled cream inside! Delicious


And we go to Sizzler!

Cheaper than in Singapore.

Creamy clam chowder

Mike is stealing my bread!

My steak!

Cutely enough, American butter is white, and is of a whipped quality! It's foaming and not just creamy like ours. Melts very easily, and is super soft! I love it.

We arrive at Melrose, which is a famous shopping district!

I like all the graffiti, makes the street vibrant.

ALDO LIQUIDATION! Everything 50% and less!

I didn't buy anything though, nothing I like of my size.

There are Smoke shops around.

And they sell bongs and other things for smoking weed!
Out in the open like that!

Very artistic graffiti!


I love American shoes so much!

Unlike STUPID SINGAPORE SHOES where only brands like Charles and Keith exist, and consist of only 1 type of boring shoe (flattish kitten heels - boring and UGLY), American shoes are varied in design and way bolder.

Look how high they are! I like. :D

Famous Pink's hotdogs!

Look at the adorable dustbin!

Nothing much leh, I don't really like the hotdog bun.

In walmart with a pack of chips! Hahaha look how big it is!

Drove past Knott's Berry farm and got freaked out by the scary roller coaster!

Venice beach!

Supposed to be bustling with life and very full of bikini babes ala Baywatch, but look...

It was rainy and almost completely empty! We could have had sex on the beach! Or did we? *mysterious smile*

Looking awful without make up. I planned to sun tan!

Pointing proudly at the Pacific Ocean.

Was so cold! I ran it, dipped my toe in, and quickly ran off.

Pretty flowers!

And we go to Rodeo Drive!

I kept singing the Pretty woman song to myself as we walked. :D

Guess! One of my favourite brands!

Bought a $150 watch there. Chio!

Very expensive cars cruising along... (this is a Bentley).

And look what we found!

Eww Scientology celebrity centre! We tried to go in but was stopped at the gates by one crazy Scientologist. HAHA!

Krispy Kreme donuts! Super super yummy

And look at the selection!

Will make you go crazy

What we bought!

From left, row by row: Classic sugar-glazed, strawberry and creme, chocolate creme-filled, Chocolate top custard inside, culler, rainbow sprinkles, maple (I love this), cheesecake, sugar-top custard-filled.

Mike ate all the custard-filled ones!!! *sobs*

And lastly, en-route to Las Vegas,

Very famous In-and-Out Burger!

They mean it when they say in and out - you don't have anything there to eat except your burger and some fries. There's a grand total of 3 types of burger, cheeseburger, hamburger, and double cheese double beef - in which the latter is obviously the favourite of the masses.

I have no idea how they survive, it's not even very nice.

It tastes exactly how it looks like in the pic.

I'm super tired, so good night!

I must say, I love my blog readers a lot more than Stomp's readers. You guys are great, most of you! :) Tata!

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