Forumites are losers


I received this email the other day, and for the life of me I cannot understand why people give a shit whether I eat an ice cream on the damn bus.

I am not a child who will drip the ice cream all over, and even if I tried to, I cannot coz the ice cream is a damn jelly that doesn't drip!

The only person who should care is the bus driver, and apparently he didn't give a flying fuck, so why should Singaporeans?

I don't mean to ask you all to be apathetic, but MAN! If you wanna go talk about something, please talk about something more substantial can?

It's fun to gossip about people for a bit, but you if start to take a serious stance and argue about why people should not be allowed to eat on public transport, you know you are quite a loser, don't you?

I think it's very funny because on that bus, nobody seemed to also give a fuck about me eating ice cream, so it can logically be concluded that real life people really don't mind, else they would have came to my face to tell me.

And since forum people seem to severely mind an ice cream on the bus, we can thus conclude only 1 thing:

Forum people are not real life people.

By that I mean they are just a strong persona online, while in real lives they are meek, useless wallflowers.

They are losers all communicating via a channel where their physical selves cannot be seen, because of various reasons, I dunno, maybe they have body odours, or they have a nervous lip twitch which makes people uncomfortable to talk to them... things like that.

Have you noticed how most forumites are really negative? That's right. That comes from the lack of talking to real humans.

I don't care if some of the forum people were defending me, or like me. I think you all should stop going to forums and discussing totally trashy topics of no consequence. Just stop it.

On a totally different note, I have started disliking girls who do yoga. You know, girls like that other cancer-ridden chick in Samsoon? Hate them. I don't know why I am this way.

I should stop too.

p/s: I watched the Princess Hours show and still find Daniel the MOST HANDSOME of them all. I am biased, I think chup chengs look the best!

p/p/s: Francis' latest reply is, "Ya...you just don't know what u r saying 'cause you are kena fuck while writing your blog in the 1st place....enjoy you fucking"

See, this is the kind of idiot forumites are. What am I talking about? Of course we should listen to his opinions. Look, his grammar is all perfect!


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