Korean boys!

Wooah!! Am going mad!

Momo bought this dvd back, some Korean drama called My Lovely Samsoon, and it has two fabulously super super cute Korean boys inside!


They are both super cute can!

I don't know their names, but I was reduced to a drooling tween just watching the show, which is... erm, mediocre to say the least.

But got handsome boys mah!

Momo was watching it with me too, totally nonplussed, and I was squealing and going "HEN SHUAI!" every two seconds, cursing the cameras for focusing so much on fat Samsoon (the lead female) instead of the boys.

I asked Momo does she feel sad that because she is so old, young handsome boys like these won't like her, and she said a rather curt no. I think she is lying to herself.

I don't think I'd like being old.

I kept going, "How?! I cannot decide which one is more handsome, how?!!!!!!" in a hysterical manner and Momo quizzically asked, "Why must you decide?"


She dunno one lor, I am so pretty, I stand a chance ok! What if both like me one day! And what if, both of them go like,

"Wendy, which one of us do you like better?"
"Yes, NOW! Tell us now!"

And I go stuttering, like,

"ER, I DUNNO, I DUNNO, I LIKE BOTH OF YOU!! You got dimple and speak sexy Korean, he got freckles and pretty eyes, I DUNNO I DUNNO!"

and they will both stomp off in a handsome huff, muttering mutinously to themselves about insincere girls and indecisive people.

I wouldn't like that now, would I?

So yes, I must go back to choosing.

Sorry I haven't blogged for days. The only interesting thing I encountered for the past week was a 60cents jelly-like lychee ice cream I bought.

See, I told you it was jelly-like. What a weird surprise, you eat the ice cream thinking it's all ice and stuff, but it turns out rather chewy.

Not too bad tasting too.

Why the handsome Korean boys like fat Samsoon? I shall learn to be a pastry chef like her.

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