Took some neoprints!

Decoration artist: Me.
I love the funny bunny and cat and don't know what the other one is!

Decoration artist: Junne.
The thing on her head supposed to be a crown.

Decoration artist: Junne.
There are 3 headless people. Can you spot them?

Decoration artist: Me
The yellow backdrop fell on my head as the photo was taken.
Due to my talent in taking photos, I continued smiling nonplussed.
Also notice how I managed to make this accident of a photo look nice.

Decoration artist: Junne.
She called me a lao siao!

Decoration artist: Me
I am pretty and Junne is a tyrant! Roarrr!

Junne and I went to PS's neoprint place and paid $10 for these! We were really happy coz it seemed like there something wrong with the machine, and the time limit for decorating is.... infinity!

So we stood there for like half an hour just adding the graphics on and on, was so fun :]

As you can see, all the Junne decorations are messy and cluttered while mine are super artisitic and lovely.

Nothing interesting in my life currently, except I have 3 ulcurs in a neat row on my lower lip. It's making my lips look very full and also reduces my appetite, so I can't say I really dislike them.

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