Wrinkly cute babies and clean eyes

My friend Joan gave birth to the sweetest little girl!

It's so weird coz I've been seeing her with that big tummy for a long time, and suddenly it hits me that there is a life inside.

Capable of growing into a full adult and actually giving birth herself. Gulp.

I'm gonna steal the baby.

Baby Claire with Mommy!
Just born yesterday (as in yesterday of the day this photo was taken)!

Her little hand is sooooo tiny!
And warm and soft and... oh my womb is talking, ignore it.

Evil plots of babies to make you give birth:
The typical finger grab.


Had to grab her from Joan for a while!

She finally opened her eyes... :D
And what a cute turf of hair!


The haze has been going on for the past few days, yet all of us still have to go to work and face the dull toxic air, like it or not.

Well not all, some of us. Ahem.

People have been complaining about their various ailments, and the most common of all should be sore eyes.

I feel more for contact lens users... Now, besides having the usual debris and protein build-up, causing the lenses to dry up and be thoroughly uncomfortable, contact lens users still have to deal with extra smoke from the haze?!

Lucky for me, I am sponsored with Complete Blink Lens Drops. :D


The product description says that "(Blink) is the only eye drop in the market that has hyaluronate, which draws moisture to the eyes a 1,000 times more efficiently."

I don't know what that means, but my eyes really feel a lot better when I use Blink after a long night of mahjong. =)

Fits perfectly in my emergency pouch

Especially now when there our PSI problem, better bring eyedrops with you all the time in case your eyes get dry - better than having sore eyes, huh?

Available at leading pharmacies and optic outlets. Costs $8.50 per 10ml bottle.

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