57 Degrees Fahrenheit

Is 12 degree celcius!!! Today is not too bad, the day before was freezing subzero lor...

In Texas right now and blogging while Mike is showering.

The journey here was one of the worst 30 hours ever.

I flew from Singapore to Taipei (5 hours), Taipei to LA (10.5 hours), and LA to Vegas (1.5 hours) and Vegas to Dallas (2.5 hours), and from Dallas to this small town (1.5 hours) Mike is studying in - with like 3 hours of waiting in between each flight.

To add to that, I was sick AGAIN!

Remember those Ferrari party photos?! Well that night was pretty cold for Singapore standards, and all I wore was Shuyin's satin halter-neck dress and serves me right to get flu the next day. -_-

So anyway, one of my biggest phobias ever is to not get my luggage, and it happened!!!!!!!!

I was standing at the baggage retrival area waiting, and everyone was just taking theirs off, and it's such a small airport, can't be long till my luggage comes now... and the bloody machine stopped!!

And American Airlines lost my luggage for a whole 2 days before it was found!!!!!

Super pissed off.

When it was delivered here, one milo sachet was burst open (Eekean: "Never underestimate the power of hot milo in winter") and everything was in brown dust.


But other than that, my holiday's not too bad... I wore some covered-toe shoes with socks the first day, and I was still freezing my ass off, so Mike whizzed me to Walmart, where I bought some fur-lined ugly ugg-like boots for $19!

Bloody angmohs chicks here are wearing short skirts!!! ARE THEY NOT HUMAN OR SOMETHING??

Mike brought me to Red Lobster just now, some seafood place. They served crab, but apparently in America they only serve the LEGS!

How weird is that?

Back in Singapore, I throw the legs away!

What do they do to the yummy body and claw meat? That would be the one question I will ask God when I die.

Ok, blog again when I have more pictures or something.

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