About to reach home in 6 hours

Writing this in the bloody LAX airport while I wait 5 hours without internet connection for my next flight to Taipei, which is a leg-cramping 13.30hrs!!!!!!!!!

The things people do for love!

Bloody hell.

A chain series of events just happened to piss me off. First, I dropped my carry-on luggage onto my foot. It hurts.

After that, I had to pay USD$3 for a trolley. A BAGGAGE TROLLEY! It's all free in Singapore! Bloody capitalists.

My fucking 46 kg hugeass luggage then arrived (ain't it amazing? It is actually heavier than me), and in an understandable anxiousness to try to get it (after the fucker got lost the previous time. Though that might not be its fault), I blindly asked the man next to me to help me heave it out of the carousel -

Without noticing he is about 100 years old.

He, out of kindness, obliged, and almost died trying. He was pulled several metres along with the fucking samsonite, while I looked on wide-eyed and horrified.

He was thoroughly embarrassed and apologized profusely, while a stout Mexican daddy helped me with it. I feel so bad!

After that, some irresponsible cleaners decided that engineers work hard to design a wide airport toilet entrance clearly the size of $3 trolleys for their sake, and parked their STUPID cleaning trolley right smack where I would have to bump into it.

My carry-on delightedly fell on my foot again. It hurts.

I was so pissed I pissed and didn't wash my hands. I thought about going in again to wash them, I really did, but there the cleaning trolley was, menacingly blocking my way. Yes, so now, I am typing with filthy hands. I think I might develop a trauma of sorts.

Perhaps just to lure me into a false sense of security, something good finally happened. I found a plug outlet for the laptop!

About 10 wireless connections here, but none are free.

But ah! I thought to myself. I have some Lost DVDS I can watch for hours!!!!!! Hooray!

And tadah! I brought the external CD drive but not the wire to connect it to the laptop!


Very unhappy with a hurt foot.

Also bored.

I attempted to photoshop the photos that we took (which are minimal to say the least. You try to get Mike to try photos! That boy really doesn't know how to pose at all! If he were born a Japanese chick he would be ostrasized by all his Japanese chick neoprint-taking friends), but it just made me cry so I am not going to try again until I get back to Singapore and have more stuff to distract me.



In Taipei Airport now with internet! Bless the Taiwanese!

Reaching home in a bit, see u guys. =)

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