Halloween party at Zouk!

With Shuyin and Wanyi....
Shuyin is an insect-infested gothic looking thing while Wanyi is supposed to be a student.

Me, I just wore this dress I bought as last year's Halloween scraps at $10.
It's disgustingly pointless.

When people ask me what I came as I said I came as Xiaxue.

They not scared towel drop meh?!

"What are you?" "I am a char siew bao."

Ju-on and common English lady ghost.

This Geisha needs an arm wax

Lego man

My fave!

This lady was dressed as a clam and she opened and closed her shells. LOL

$50 City Plaza boots

Shuyin! Look out!

Must be super hot in there!

Oh god the chest hair. SY likes it.

Jason freaked Shuyin out!
He took out his mask and inside was like Freddy's face! Totally unexpected haha

Your boyfriend

Wanyi kept making that face the whole night

Now this guy is truely the freakiest of the night.
Your boyfriend.

I just need some horns and maybe 20 cm to fit into their group.

Your boyfriend

Wanyi's and Shuyin's legs


I can see the girl's face and it's freaking me out!

Hehe... Your boyfriend

I changed my mind about the clam. This is my fave!

Put 3 of them together! PONG! Then one more! Kong!!!!!!!

Your boyfriends

Wanyi is so shocked, she forgot to appear ghostly.

My bodyguards.

Chinese ghosts!

I thought you boys might like this

Hermione? Is that you?!

Swat team vs Hongkong police force!

Hehe kena aimed

Kelvin, Vyasa, and Vyasa' friend!

Stupid Kelvin keep that expression the whole night also. It's damn ugly.

Ann looks good in the devil outfit!

Martin is smoking at the ears.
That's right, his ears is where a normal mouth is.

With a pretty Wonder Woman.

Stop fighting you naughty jedis!

I keep looking at that nose. Fake?

Ok! That's it for Halloween photos!

I am sorry I am so late, I might as well have left it till next year to post. Hope it is still slightly interesting lar hor.

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