Pixel grabs

After the screening of my show (which is on Monday) Mike the capitalist said I should double the pixel ad prices (which, as you can see, I haven't bothered to change because I am that sort of procrastinator), and so he will do...

If you wanna buy any cheap ads I suppose you can do it right now, while the price of 1 small square over in the grid is still $50 SGD.

And that lasts six months too and will link to the website of your choice with the aid of a saucy tagline, unless, of course, the said website is like animal porn or something.

You know, actually, it depends on which animal, coz I might approve some of them. No, horses and dogs are out (what's wrong with you??! Did your uncle love you too much as a kid?), but personally I think if you can find exotic animals such as like white tigers or such... well... I suppose I won't judge you.

Well then, you can pay by paypal. Or bank transfer. Or delivering a pink vertu to me. I'm breezy.

p/s: I think that I am not cutesy enough, so I am gonna add like a girly icon right here:

Doesn't that just increase my sex appeal? Oh yes baby, it does.

p/p/s: I miss my Mike, he smells so nice. =(

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