Or loosely translated as "Ridding the public of vermin"

Some of you might remember I used to have a blog dedicated, at first at least, solely to produce hate messages against me - very uncreatively and childishly named "Xialanxue".

(Don't try to go to his site, it now contains a spam address with irritating pop-ups)

Throughout a span of a year, the blog owner (who is an anonymous coward of course) wrote many lies about me and caused me countless tears, striking especially hard to siphon fame whenever I was down or had some controversy going on.

I did not know him (nobody who knows me will presume the absurd things he says about me), and yet he sounded like he knows the inside of my head so well, assuming my motives, my intentions, and boardcasting them to the naive internet world, who dumbly enough chose to believe him.

Most annoying of all, he stood on high moral ground and preached to others how to live their lives, when he is just a nobody. He could be your regular admin clerk, or your middle-aged illiterate uncle, or even some computer geek who never left his pc world.

Is he Gandhi? Is he my father? I presume not. So he is in no position to tell me what to do.

The last straw came when he published an article saying that a real life friend of mine told him that I was... something like none of my real life friends even like me.



As if any of my real-life friends will make friends with vermin like him! Seriously, he needs to wake up and smell the real shit: WE ARE OF A DIFFERENT CLASS. My friends will never make friends with someone like YOU!

All my good friends range from knowing me 10-3 years, and you would think that people who dislike me will not stick around for so long.

Countless times, I had my looks insulted, my photos defaced, and my reputation defamed, all to just earn him a few adsense dollars.

The retard even concluded he is good enough to be impersonated! Isn't that funny? If a can of abalone claims to be some barnacles one day, that is called SPOOFING.

NOT impersonation, simply because you are not good enough, geddit? YOU ARE JUST THE ACCESSORY, WITHOUT WHICH THE POTAGONIST YOU WON'T EVEN EXIST.


I hated him so much, one day I decided I had enough, and approached lawyers.

My friend introduced me to a lawyer who agreed on taking on the case.

Somehow, XLX must have caught wind of the impending case, because he stopped writing about me.

Instead, he terrorized other bloggers, including Dawn (first posting her pre-op photos then saying how she is sweet etc unlike me *roll eyes*), Wee Shu Min (whoever she is), Tammy and various other random people.


Starhub took a long time to get back with the identity behind the ip address, and I thought, since XLX stopped blogging about me, I shall let it go.

Just two days ago, he resurfaced again, linking to some useless forum person who dug out my mistake of a Maxim photoshoot 2 years ago, and claiming I posed for it with my new plastic nose.

How grossly wrong can his information get?

(Also, seriously, the nose job insults are just sooooo lame, it's like throwing styrofoam daggers at me).

And once again, he has the guts to insinuate disgust at my looks.

Let's face it, he is probably an ugly loser and will jump at the chance to have sex with someone half my celibre.

Digressing, why are some ugly people so unabashed? HOW can you keep going on about how some other people are ugly when it only draws attention to how you look like a buttplug?

So anyway, I wrote an email to him:

Hey there,

I don't know what tricks you are up to again, but I think I should inform you that I am one step away from suing you. My lawyers actually have gathered everything needed, and I've already paid starhub $500 to get your ip address to reveal who you are.

My lawyers have all your archives saved, and as you know, it is unarguable that you have defamed me countless of times (especially with regards to you putting up the pictures of me from edmw forum some time ago). It doesn't matter that you took down your entries: Point is that they were all once there.

And I don't even know you personally - I don't deserve all the trauma you have caused me.

I did not go ahead with the law suit because you stopped blogging about me for some time, and I decided to live and let live.

All I need is $2,000 to go ahead with it (for court charges).

Should I go ahead with it? You decide. Either shut down your blog completely, or get sued.

The damages won't be little, and I'm sure I'll have the support of many other girls whom you have made it your business to defame.

Yours sincerely,

And thus he shut down his site.

Good riddence, Mr Nobody. You would have been a nobody without me, so let's have you return to that insignificant position. I'm sure the rest of the girls and I will miss your sorry ass.(*insert Borat "NOT!")

I guess that the question I'd have to ask God when I die (presuming we get to ask a question, which I think is only fair) is who he is. I'd then seduce the weather guy and make him throw a lightning bolt at xlx's face, splintering it into a million burnt pieces. Ahhh... that feels good. What do you mean what about his mother? Too bad la, as if my mother wasn't sad when he kept defaming me!

I wonder if after I die I will be able to keep my new nose, or go back to the old one? It will be so sad to suddenly have a big nose again.

(What do you mean how do I know he is a guy? I just know! Girls don't blog like that.)

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