Hilarious comments

I just received a very funny comment from one "mrsnadel", and here it goes:

03.03.07 - 12:48 pm

xiaxue, i used to think you were basically a nice person. i used to think all these people who create hate-blogs about you are suckers since youre entitled to live your life the way you want to. but ever since i read about your treatment of lizards, i think youre A FUCKING BITCH WHO DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL. I HOPE A LIZARD GAUGES OUT YOUR EYEBALLS, SHITS ON YOU, REACHES INTO YOUR THROAT, UNCOILS YOUR GUT AND STRANGLES YOU WITH IT.



Isn't it funny? What I am doing to the lizards, she is wishing it upon me probably a lot worse, since I am a human being and will take longer to die than a lizard would, upon torture.

So, the question is, WHO IS SHE TO BE LECTURING ME?

If she can justify hurting me in the manner she mentioned, I may also have my reasons for hurting the lizards (mainly coz one died in my room and made me sick in the head), which she might or might not agree with.

For example, I also don't agree with her that just because I kill lizards, I deserve to have my guts uncoiled and used to strangle myself.

And therefore, am I justified to curse that she gets forcefed cow shit till she emits methane and subsequently kills all her family members around her in a long slow manner?

Some of you may say yes in a loud cheering voice, because dumb people like this should not be allowed to have children - and true enough, the answer is yes. I can justify whatever shit I want, it's my prerogative as long as I am not breaking the law!

But because I am like this myself, I DON'T GO LECTURE PEOPLE AND ACT LIKE ONE MORAL SAINT!

I hate in-between, mediocre people like this.

They are too stupid to see logic and realise their own retardation, but yet are smart enough to feature out how to use a computer, log on to my blog, and even figure out how to leave a bloody dumbassed comment.

Any dumber and they will just go about playing with lego blocks all day, contemplating whether it is edible or not, and suddenly laughing out loud at this funny thought, startling the rest of the family members.

mrsnadel, you might be pleased to know that at least one part of your curse came true.

A lizard did indeed shit on me once before when I was much younger, and the shit is not warm!

Wait. Are you one of them mutated lizards who became super smart? If you are a lizard I suppose it is very logical of you to fight for your kind like this.

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