New York, New York

Busy busy!

Sorry (I know, AGAIN), for the lack of blogs.

Besides being busy with helping Mike move, I'm also busy with the inaugural Singapore Day in Manhattan, New York!


Rozz and I were chosen to be the hosts for the web cast segment.


Which means I will be in NY from 18th till 23rd!! Super dizzy with happiness. Somemore getting PAID to go there!

Granted, I have to work, but I talk all the time anyway, so it's not really counted. MUAHAHAHA!!

Also going along will be Kit Chan, Hossan Leong, some of the famous bands, Eric Khoo, famous theatre and dance artistes and a lot of other people!! Exciting!

I just finished editing SOME photos, but there is lots more, so just hang on there, I'd blog by tomorrow, I promise.

Well, I kinda have to before I leave, yeah?

Check out www.clicknetwork.tv! You can see the trailer for our "Girls Out Loud" part II in Malaysia. :D

Oh hello there, you cheap Coach bag.

Update: Now is 9.25pm, and I HAVE to leave for the airport already!!!!!!!

Sorry I didn't have time to blog! I edited a shitload of pictures though, so that took up all my time.

But I promise, if there is internet access in the hotel, I will surely surely blog by tomorrow night. Why not tonight you ask. Because! I am flying for bloody 23 hours.

Poor me. Luckily this time, I will have Rozzie with me.

Ta Singapore!

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