That day after 3 rounds of MJ I was sitting in Lot 1's Delifrance for breakfast with Benny, Kelvin and QQ when we suddenly talked about rainbows, and I randomly asked them if they thought anyone would dislike rainbows and whether boys like them as much as girls...

The topic led to Qingqing saying that she would really love to see an "aurora", and I was like, "What is that?" because in my media-filled brains "aurora" is Sleeping Beauty's real (fictional) name.

And Kelvin replied that auroras are dancing greenish lights in the sky!!!

So today, I finally checked on wikipedia (you have to click it!), and they are sooooooo lovely!!!!!!!!!

Glittery dancing lights!

Taken from a travel site recommending Alaskan tours:

So, what is so special about the northern lights that people go out of their way to plan specific aurora borealis vacations?

Imagine this. You look up and see the undulating, multi-colored ribbons of light dance across the sky. They display visual patterns far more intricate than the most talented artist could create. People take aurora borealis vacations to witness these miracles of nature.

Don't they sound so spectacular?!

I can't believe I am so sua ku and never heard of them till now!!!

Makes me feel like taking a tour to Alaska... Except that Mike's dad said something about the whole place being ridiculously cold, grey and completely SWAMPED with mosquitoes... And those mosquitoes are huge!!!

"Oh wow, Hello there... Please don't bite me?"

Ok, maybe not that huge... But I'm just guessing, I have no idea how huge they are. Shit, you think this picture is for real?

Sometimes, looking up at the beautiful sky and occasionally sporting nature's spectacular creations like rainbows, auroras, meteor showers, whirlpools or even storms... or like looking like fields of flowers and ponies prancing freely and squirrels on huge trees, it makes me feel like becoming an environmentalist!!!

I want to preserve all these and make the world a beautiful, beautiful place!

And then the next moment I feel like I am too hot and I need aircon + a cold drink from the fridge... and I want to eat foie gras, have an urge to litter into the ocean (joking), etc, and I go like, Nah... forget it... and go ahead and lead my superficial life.

Nature is so pretty but it is also so disgusting!

Why must there be insects??????!

I know I know, part of the food chain etc, but it's like She (Mother Nature if she exists) has three bands of people designing stuff, and one of them is like this young punk kid trying to be different by designing ugly stuff (insects + visceral) and the other group neutral (animals) and the other group designing chio things (rainbows, baby mammals).

Why doesn't she just fire the ugly designer?!

I know, I am almost too bimbotic to function.

This post has absolutely no point except to tell you guys that I like auroras!!!



p/s: I have about 300 photos to post up and I am procrastinating still. (Thanks to whoever helped me with Picasa's English switch! You are a life-saver!

My latest obsession? I am currently hooked on Phoenix Wright on my nintendo DS (the psp lies untouched) and have influenced at least 3 people (real life people hor, not counting those online yet) to buy the DS too!

It is so fucking fun can!!

Nintendo DS lite = Way better than PSP! Not to mention it is prettier. =)

Oh handsome! And authoritative!

Phoenix (above) is this really cute rookie lawyer, and you are supposed to help him solve crimes by searching for clues and finding disparities in witness testimonies!

I love the way he bangs on his table and points like that (above) at the lying witness, shouting "Objection!" pointing out their contradictions!! It also makes me want to tickle his armpit and feel if there is a muscle hole there... Hehe... Armpit holes are so sexy!

It is so fun can. So far I made about 2 innocent people go to jail 4 times, but I'm working hard on being a good lawyer.

So is Wong! She is working as an intern now at some bigass law firm, and she turned into an OL!

She said something about buying A-line skirts the other day, and I lost all respect for her.

Oh and yes. I am actually stuck in pokemon. I mean like stuck stuck. I can't move to the next region because they are all blocked (by psyducks no less). And it's too FUCKING irritating to move around trying to see what I missed out on earlier, and having to keep fighting the same damn pokemon! I hate that Zubat and Geodude can!



I am never ending this blog entry!!

I was being asked to be the "jie mei" (sisters/gal pals) for my cousin's wedding, and it made me think of something!!!

Who are going to my jie mei for MY future wedding?

How many jie meis are we allowed to have anyway?

I counted potential ones leh...

Not in order of consideration:

1) Shuyin (I let you be bridesmaid la you look like you will do a good job of holding my train, hehe)

2) Wanyi


4) Peiying (will hide the boys' shoes while they get sabotaged)

5) Xiao Feng

6) Qing qing

7) Qihua

8) Eileen

9) Sandra (definitely can negotiate for more angpow money)

10) Cousin Cally

11) Cousin Jocelyn

12) Cousin Michelle

13) Junne

14) Gillian

15) Rozz

16) Huifen



I got 16 jie meis leh!

And like I think most of them will be offended if I don't ask them lor!

("Wah lau I 10 years friends with you you don't ask me to be jie mei, you good" etc etc)


How the hell do people make such tough decisions?!

Maybe I hold a meeting with them and make them o-ah-peh-ah-som?

(I can imagine Huifen elbowing people and demanding to win, hahaha...)

Or maybe some of them don't want to be my jie mei? :( (That would make me super sad!)


So troublesome one!

Kidding. Kidding, all potential wedding partners!

I am honestly troubled by this man. How many jie meis did you have, if you are married and female?

Maybe I'd make it special and have all 16 (or less depending on whether they are willing or still alive by the time I get picked off the shelf).

BTW, you all have to wear pink. Duh.



I pity those horrible girls with no girlfriends hor?

Like you know, the sort of girls who are very whiny and only pay attention to guys one? Those that other girls cannot respect?

Then their wedding how, no jie meis? Or I guess, maybe just their relatives or something.

Hate those types of girls!

Last postnote: I am very disappointed with the admin people of wikipedia! I DEFINITELY deserve my wiki page back (far less worthy people have their pages), and I can't believe someone chose to delete it instead of requesting for my stub of an article to be expanded. If it is not biasedness I don't know what it is.

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