I spent, like, the last 2 hours approving comments (which is a tedious process by itself no thanks to Haloscan...), and I had like what, 42 pages of 15 comments each to approve???

I just asked you guys for an opinion out of curiosity, doesn't mean I'm really going to write about whatever has the most votes!

And anyway, I still have 28 pages of comments worth to approve (more to come with this entry, and I'm really looking forward to approving them).

If you want some content to read while I write something more interesting (yes, yes, either option 1 or 3, I'd go think about it), you can go read this site - since I blogged for 4 hours straight there.

Personally, I don't know why so many of you chose 1 and 3!

My personally choice, if I were a blogder and could force "Xiaxue" to blog about either one of those three, it is the pre-photoshopped photos...

... simply because there is some harm inflicted on her (by her I mean me) if she publishes that (those photos are embarrassing) - whereas for the other two choices it is just a matter of time before she blogs it out whenever her blog gets dry.


Logical isn't it? That, and the fact that I know how drastically different I look with photoshop done. Oh, you can't even start to imagine... But hey, since you guys are not interested.

Good blog post by tomorrow, I promise.

YES I SAID I PROMISE! Swear on my tamagotchi's life. May it die if I break my promise.

p/s: Wanbao reported some shit article about me being fired from Stomp, obviously getting that piece of info from my blog AGAIN. I swear to god, that paper is so lousy, it has to siphon semi exciting news via blogs. Hey Wanbao, I just took a shit, you wanna report about that? The shit looks a bit, erm, brown, and normal. Guess I'm healthy! Interesting news, isn't it?

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