Indulgzing is not just for the super rich - Part II



The day Indulgz announces its new menu is the day I am happy!

Some of you have seen my first advertorial for them (that was a happy day too!) and this is my second!

(Digressing a little bit, I'm very poor thing lor... I was editing the photos for this entry, and the photos look so delicious that I got reallllllly hungry, but all there was to eat at home is Maggi mee, which I just ate. It's disgusting, when all I want is good, yummy Indulgz food.)

Indulgz Bistro is situated at Tan Quee Lan Street, Bugis, directly opposite the DHL balloon!

I invited Shuyin, Wanyi and Eekean this time (since Wanyi missed out the last time due to her being sick, and Weili is now overseas), but WY had to go to something the very last minute, so Mike took over instead!

Mike was so happy he might have skipped around a bit. Like a bumblebee. I love Transformers!

Back to the topic...

Welcome in!

Shuyin and EK are ungrateful twerps! They were late!

Eekean being even later than Shuyin...

We started without her and her lawyerly woes.

First up was an alcoholic drink... a new kind:


A FLIRTINI! (geddit? Pun on martini?)

This is apple liquor with slices of green apple floating on top.

It is sweet with a hint of fresh green apples and a secret ingredient that none of us could guess...

The alcoholics of the table (ie Mike and Shuyin) snatched it up

And notice how there are no straws or cocktail forks?

The secret...

Christin says that it is for us to pick up with our fingers seductively!

I'm obviously not seductive in this photo but you could pick it up while looking at your partner, smack your lips before putting the apple in, or lick your fingers afterwards... See! The possibilities are endless (provided you are not like fugly)!

Apparently, don't drink this in front of your father/mother/siblings. (*hums Curse of the Golden Flower song)

I drank this in front of Shuyin and she looked at me like she wanted to make out. I shook my head at her. She then looked very downcast.


An interesting soup!

It's chilled to a perfect temperature (too cold and it becomes like a dessert, too warm and it's yucky), and its sweet instead of savoury like your normal soup!

The taste of fresh peaches is really refreshing, and it's blended with premium white wine - just a hint of the wine as an aftertaste to round it up.

Somehow, this soup made me really hungry. I guess that's the point of an appetizer, huh?

Soup contestant number 2...



I love this soup soooo much! Mike too, for that matter...

Lobster bisque, salty, creamy and seafoody (I know there is no such word, but you know what I mean), completed with real fresh crabmeat that's even plucked out of the crab shell for you!

I like this soup so much I even gave it a star because it is my favourite! (I ceased giving stars after this picture because I have too many favourites)

And best of all, the price!

Me, to Christin: "WOAH! How much is this ah?"

Christin: "$7.80."

Me: "Shit man, next time I come here I really don't know which soup to order already lar! I like the tomato one and the mushroom one and now this too? How?!"

Christin: "Hahaha... Order all lor."

That woman wants me broke!

Exactly what the picture says it is


We got served the classic Indulgz favorite again, Camembert Cheese!

Deep-fried cheese with a soft, watery inside, accompanied compatibly by authentic berry compote.

How do I say this? Yes... Deep-fried to perfection!

Christin says that this requires skills coz you have to melt the inside and have the outside just the right crispiness!

The mixed berry sauce complements the nutty creamy taste of the camembert cheese.

Finally, Miss Big Shot arrives!

There was this office crisis according to her. And when she came she still yakked on the phone for a long time!

We all stared at her angrily but she smiled at us and continued talking... That is until I took her cheese and threw it squarely at her forehead.

When Christin saw the cheese burst and dripping on Eekean's forehead, she frowned at me, but I pointed at Shuyin, who looks exactly the sort who will throw delicious fried cheese around. Christin gave Shuyin a stern look.

Haha... I'm an excellect story-writer. It all ends in comedic violence.

I'm joking. Eekean gobbled up her cheese before I could throw it. What? If she wasn't so fast I'd have thrown it at her! I am that violent and scary.


Mesclun (mixed garden salad in Italian) which is a mix of 7 different salad vegetables - all tossed in Indulgz's special honey balsamic sauce! To add, some avocado slices, fresh peeled prawns, cherry tomatoes and a healthy sprinkling of sunflower seeds.

The special ingredient here is obviously the avocados (my first time eating them, to be honest), which taste fantastic with the cherry tomatoes!

Just in case there are people like me, no, the avocado doesn't taste like facial foam. Interesting isn't it, when it is so good for skin? It's actually creamy and buttery. :)

Five prawns, and I wanted to fight for the last one, but everyone just let me have it. Boring!

Eekean's and Shuyin's personal favourite up next:


While eating Mos burger one day, I asked some random friend, "Why must it be bread kiap meat, or like, rice kiap meat? Why cannot meat kiap bread leh?"

This random friend (I think it's Shuyin), replied that then it will be very drippy and messy.

Indulgz one-upped me and did this Portobello Burger - MUSHROOM KIAP MEAT!

With a large portobello mushroom as your "burger breads", there is no longer a worry that it will be dry!

The portobello mushroom's juice (and oh, how juicy is is) infuses the chicken breast-meat patty - which is surprisingly soft and tender!

This dish is served with Indulgz's trademark truffled mash potatoes (v v good) and mesclun.


I was cutting the patty when I exclaimed at Christin, "WOAH! GOT CHEESE ONE!"

And indeed there was

I said, "Why you never tell me got cheese inside the patty, you waiting for me to find out by myself then praise you right?"

Christin just smiled mysteriously.

For $23.90 this burger is worth it, considering its novelty and the fact that portobello mushrooms are really expensive!


I don't know much about beef and its different cuts and qualities, but I know that this is one yummy steak!!!

This quality ribeye steak undergoes Indulgz's strict policy of not freezing its beef ever, and instead, just chilled during storage.

Chilled beef has blood ooze out and even when its cooked to well-done, you can still see the pink meat inside.

This ribeye is so soft and tender its like a tenderloin, really. Christin says that it is treated with a secret recipe so that its juices are retained and won't be lost in the process of char-grilling.

My gobbling up the steak is testament to that!

Served with mashed potatoes and mesclun.

Take a short break... Photo time!

LATECOMERS Shuyin and Eekean

Mike and I...

Wait... There is more food!

$16.90/$16.90 + $1.50

Indulgz's famous Crispy Pasta got a make-over!

For those of you who remember (or bothered to click the last advertorial), which dish used to be in cream sauce, but for customers who think too much cream might be jelat (overwhelming), Indulgz is proud to present its new creation of tomato cream sauce!!

And it's nice!!

The pasta is angel-hair pasta deep-fried till crispy, a la "sheng mian". Interesting isn't it?

And in this version, besides the usual chicken strips and mushroom slices, there are also tomato bits. Yum!

Your choice of tomato cream or just normal cream.


With a generous thick layer of melted cheese, real juicy ribeye minced beef (chilled, never frozen), tomato based rice and all sitted in a claypot, I have to say that this is one of our favourite dishes too!

Mike says it is a lot like lasagne.. :)

Christin says that beef bolognaise is not a good choice to have outside, since the beef for bolognaise is very likely to be leftover unfresh cheap cuts of beef that have been frozen for a long time - since bolognaise beef is minced and less easy to get found out.

At Indulgz though, the beef is guaranteed to be fresh, handminced ribeye - meant to give extra chew, sweetness, and value in this dish!

I, glutton

This marks the end of the main courses...

Eekean is happy

Shuyin is still pecking at the food...
Although by this time we are all predictably SUPER FULL.

Mike is happy too but I can't take this photo since he is beside me.

And this next item, my dear readers, is a competition to my favourite dessert of creme brulee!


And it won!

Indulgz incredibly made its old panna cotta EVEN BETTER now - infused with Earl Grey!

The custard-like panna cotta is extremely soft, sweet (but not too much), wobbly and smooth, with an even consistancy that melts in your mouth in the most gratifying manner!

The bottom of the glass is where the earl grey favour is, and it mixes so well, I swear earl grey should be invented as a companion for panna cotta and not a tea.

I love this love this love this!


So cute, this is called Elvis Pop!

Brownie that's rolled in fudge (already it sounds good) and then rolled in lots of chopped almond nuts!!

This brownie is made by Indulgz's own baker so it's not overwhelmingly sweet. Served warm to us and comes with a big scoop of delicious house vanilla ice cream.

Mike gobbled this up, citing "This is my favourite dessert" as his excuse. Sigh. Angmohs.

We were then treated to Indulgz's thick shakes at $6.80 each.

Smooth and sweet vanilla milkshake with real marshmellow bits and two big marshmellows on top!

A refreshing drink to quench thirst or to clear your palate... This is a bit sour and blended with ice.

Double attack of butterscotch AND caramel, with generous dollops of caramel swirled around the cup!

This is my favourite shake EVER, and Christin devastated me by saying she is taking this off the menu!!

I begged and begged her (Mike absolutely loves this drink too) and even told her an embarrassing secret...

I like the drink so much that after I finish it I use my fingers to dig up the remainder caramel!

Christin looked at me judgementally (kidding) but agreed to keep the drink in the menu!

So go buy it already before she changes her mind and takes it out again!

$6.80 may not be as amazingly cheap as the rest of Indulgz's food, but that's because the shakes are all humongous! Can also be shared with a friend if you don't want so much.


By popular demand, Indulgz conjured alcoholic thick shakes that are unique to them!!

This one is house vanilla ice-cream infused with real lychee liquor and it is really nice and not too sweet!

Shuyin liked it so much that she drank half of it before I remembered to take a photo... -_-

And this marks the end of my entry...

Christin: "You take the empty plate for what?"

Me: "Show that we really like your food mah!"

Happy people!!!


This new menu is going to be launched this Friday (6th), and to celebrate Indulgz's first anniversary, Indulgz will be giving away a 10% discount for the first 50 customers starting from the launch date!

You have to state that you are my blog reader (and that you think I'm gorgeous and also the best) before you are entitled to this discount.

Thinking of nice places to eat that won't burn your pocket, huh?

No doubt la, Indulgz is the place to go.

Call 6238 7032, or email at enquiry@indulgz.com for reservations.

If you want to see more of their food selections, hop over to Indulgz' website.

See ya guys there!

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